By: Nick Gambino

Apple just announced a new special edition Beats Studio Buds with a Lunar New Year design. The Lunar New Year is celebrated by some Asian countries as part of their Lunar calendar. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger and so the design will reflect that.

“We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year with our special-edition Beats Studio Buds,” a Beats by Dre Instagram post reads. “As a tribute to the Year of the Tiger, the Buds feature an all-red design with gold tiger print accents.”

The all-red Beats Studio Buds design is already available, but the addition of the gold tiger stripes makes them exceptionally cool. They are quite flashy, so they definitely won’t be for everyone, especially those who prefer to blend into the background.

Beats Studio Buds are a lot like the in-ear AirPods Pro with noise cancellation and tips you can switch out for different ear sizes. However, unlike the AirPods Pro, these Beats in-ear buds will cost a lot less. We don’t know how much they’ll set you back because no price has been released yet, but they’ll most likely cost the same as the regular Buds – $149.

They aren’t as good as the AirPods Pro but if you’re looking to save $100 on noise-canceling in-ear buds, you can go with this affordable option.

The special edition Beats Studio Buds aren’t the only new Apple product celebrating the Year of the Tiger. Apple just released an AirTag in Japan as a limited edition replete with a tiger emoji. Definitely not as cool as the red and gold-striped Buds.

You can buy the new Lunar New Year special edition Beats Studio Buds only in stores starting January 1st, 2022. There’s no word on how long they might last. They’re not being promoted as limited edition, so hopefully, if you want a pair, you won’t have a tough time getting your hands on them.

The choice to only offer them in stores as opposed to an online order option is perplexing considering where we’re at in the pandemic. Apple has even closed all of its stores in New York City due to rising COVID-19 cases.