If you produce your own YouTube channel or podcast you will understand this. We love doing the recording, but finding the right music was a little difficult. And after a lot of frustration and wrong choices, we finally found the best mixing and mastering service that could help us with the musical part of our videos. 


We want our videos to sound perfect, but at the same time, we want them to turn out exactly as we see them. All other sound engineers we tried working with left us wishing for better results or better communication. Not necessarily cheap services, some of them charged more, some less. Then we came across the Major Mixing website and liked how all their services are clear and prices are transparent, and the services weren’t expensive. That’s how we decided to try and order music for our videos from them for the first time.  


Professional communications and skills


What impressed us. First, the communication. It’s hard when you order music and try to explain what you need and the person just doesn’t understand you completely. This has happened to us many times, it’s pretty frustrating. But this has never happened since we started working with Major Mixing. We sensed the professionalism at first when Max asked some additional questions about the sound we wanted. Then we gave some explanations and submitted one more reference track. Max made sure he clarified all the questions about what kind of music we wanted. And it worked, the video turned out amazing. Everything was just perfect, the music sounded great!


Later when we had a chance to work with other team members, we were surprised to see that all of them are equally professional and experienced. As we learned, each member of Major Mixing team has a good experience being part of big music industry projects. They work with virtually every genre, from Hip Hop and Pop to orchestral, rock, and more. Different team members worked on music for us and the result was the same every time – awesome and quick. We received our order in 3 days ready for release. Since then, we learned a lot about their other services, and how they help artists with mixing and mastering songs.


About services: analog and digital


Speaking of their services, Major Mixing has a full set of them including vocal editing, radio edit, music editing, stem mastering, and mastering especially targeting streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify. They make tracks sound loud and perfect on Spotify.


The range of services and options they offer is great. First of all, mixing and mastering, they can be ordered separately, but the best deal is the bundle of mixing and mastering, which is a smart decision to choose.


If you are a fan of analog mixing, they offer excellent and affordable analog mixing and mastering worth trying. 


They also can consult on how to do recording better, what equipment to use in the process of recording a song. They usually advise artists to double-record some of the instruments, especially the guitars, for a cooler stereo image. It helps to produce a great wide stereo, together with other tricks Major Mixing team uses to make their customer’s songs wide and spacious.


Dolby Atmos – a great opportunity to stand out


A special place among the services takes Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering. Now artists can upload their 3D-sound songs to iTunes in Dolby Atmos format, and many artists are doing that. It’s perfect that Major Mixing engineers do Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering as well! It’s an outstanding opportunity to present music in a surround sound format, and let the audience enjoy  music coming from all around them. Besides, new AirPods now support the illusion of 3D sound, so the listeners won’t need to have the whole 3D speaker setup to feel it. And you can even move your head and the sound stays in place as if you were sitting in the movie theater. Every AirPods owner can experience that. The illusion of 3D is present even if they are wearing regular headphones. If artists want to impress their fans, they need to have this outstanding 3D sound for songs for sure.




It’s hard to find the best musical service that suits you perfectly today. But after more than a year of successful cooperation, we couldn’t wish for better. Very professional and skilled team.  As we already mentioned, communication is great, always quick response and they are very attentive to customers. We know how frustrating the search for the right audio engineer could be for an artist, so save your time, and check out Major Mixing website, with their vast variety of musical services you’ll definitely find the one you need. And you can thank us later.