Want to stay fit? Would you like to stick to regular healthier habits? You must require healthcare gadgets that can make your life safe and convenient.

This article discusses the list of the top 20 portable healthcare gadgets that can either work independently or together with your smartphone. So, let us go through it one by one.

Portable PEMF device

PEMF stands for Pulsed electromagnetic fields. The application of the PEMF device on the target area emits pulsed electromagnetic waves that can charge your body cells to perform the necessary functions. It significantly heals the damaged tissues and restores their functions.

These FDA-approved instruments can be used for many ailments such as orthopedic injuries, neurological issues, gynecological disorders, hair problems, cardiovascular issues, hormonal issues, sleep disorders, pain, etc. Depending on the target region, it is possible to adjust the intensity and frequency.

However, these devices are not recommended to use by pregnant or breastfeeding females, cancer patients, as well as those who wear artificial implants.

You can purchase a portable PEMF instrument at an affordable rate from the reputed PEMF device suppliers like SentientLight in the U.S.


BioScarf is a great alternative to air pollution masks. This air filtration device can significantly reduce the risk of respiratory problems. Thanks to its special in-built N95 air filter that can greatly strain more than 94 percent of pollutants, infections, and allergens. In certain conditions, this revolutionary neckwear could be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fertility tracking bracelet

As the name suggests, this first-of-its-kind FDA-approved fertility tracking bracelet wearable determines the female’s fertile window using physiological parameters such as resting pulse rate, breathing rate, and temperature.

Just wear it like a bracelet while sleeping. The readings will sync with the companion app in the morning time to determine the best five days to try for pregnancy.

Travel humidifier

It can transform a water cup, jar, or bottle into a humidifier to get relief from dry air. It can easily moisten the air so that you can breathe well and sleep well. This humidifier will shut off by itself after eight hours.

Furthermore, this portable device is compact with USB connectivity and hence you can use it wherever you are.

Female urinating device

A portable urinating device allows females to urinate while sitting or standing. You don’t have to remove your clothes as well.

Water purifier

This award-winning device is another portable travel companion that uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of all harmful microbes in water. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that helps in treating nearly 50 liters of water per charge in 45 seconds.

The equipment has a smiley face and frowning face. The smiley face indicates that the water is safe to drink. Similarly, a frowning face indicates that the treatment should be repeated.

3-in-1 blood pressure monitor

This compact health gadget can record your ECG and determine valvular heart disease with a digital stethoscope. You can track the readings on the device associated with an app.

Smart temporal thermometer

Just touch this infrared thermometer to your temple. Press its button and wait for only 2 seconds. The results will appear right away on the LED display.

By connecting it with the associated app via Bluetooth or WiFi, you can track the temperature, set reminders, note down regularly, and receive health advice in advance based on symptoms, history of fever, and age.

Smart air quality monitor

With the help of precise sensors associated with the companion app, this monitor will deliver alerts about the presence of harmful gases like CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while determining humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure around you.

By connecting with the associated app, the final data gets displayed on the smartphone. Furthermore, it provides tips to save energy by decreasing indoor air hazards and optimizing ventilation.

Wireless smart glucometer

This sleek, portable, and FDA-approved smart glucometer determine glucose levels in the blood which will get displayed on the smartphone. It also allows maintaining the history of past measurements so that you can share them with your physicians.

Teeth whitener

The hi-tech efficient teeth whitener uses guided light optic technology to provide permanent results at home. It is powered by a compact controller that needs four 8-minute application sessions every day so that your teeth will turn whiter up to five shades in five days.

Health-oriented Scan Watch

This state-of-the-art medical technology can track irregularities in a heartbeat and determine blood oxygen saturation rate while sleeping. This stylish look is very comfortable to wear, which is available in multiple sizes. It has a 30-day battery life and is resistant to water up to 50 meters.

Like other devices, this scan watch is also connected to the smartphone app via Bluetooth through which you can track all activity information.

Personal EKG

This FDA-approved personal and portable electrocardiography (EKG) allows you to track heart health anywhere, anytime. Its connection to the smartphone app delivers EKG results to your phone within 30 seconds.

Smart self-cleaning water bottle

This self-cleaning water bottle uses UV-C LED light purifies drinking water within 60 seconds and washes itself every 2 hours. It can also purify the water that comes from rivers for three minutes.

Its double-wall insulation helps beverages to stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. You need a rechargeable battery to operate this device for 1-2 months.

Brain sensing headband

Equipped with electroencephalography (EEG) sensors, this soft and breathable headband can monitor your brain activity while sleeping and meditating. It transmits the readings to your smartphone, tablet, and computer via Bluetooth.

You can get a deep insight such as the duration of each sleep stage, heart rate, and intensity. Hence, this device can reduce and manage stress levels.

Remote examination kit

This kit allows you to perform a basic medical examination at home, which is also connected with the online consultation app. This home-friendly device is equipped with a thermometer, digital camera, tongue depressor for the throat, a stethoscope for lungs, abdomen, and heart, as well as an otoscope for ears.

Portable metabolism tracker

Equipped with a flow meter and a CO2 sensor, this Bluetooth-based tool can measure your metabolism. It can determine the CO2 level in your breath and offers personalized daily guidance and recommendations on nutrition, exercise time, sleep, and more.

Sanitizing travel wand

This travel wand emits UV-C light to eliminate nearly 99.9% of microbes from the surfaces we touch. It is chemical-free and easily taken with you wherever you go. Just sweep this instrument over the target area for 30 seconds. That’s it!

Portable air purifier

You can eliminate up to 99% of ultra-fine dust using this portable mini air purifier. It has a battery life of up to 8 hours. Its LED display highlights the quality of air in real time with four colors. As it is connected with Bluetooth control, the monitoring and performance will be quite simple.

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers include smartphones with activity tracking for workouts as well as a heart rate Bluetooth monitor. These devices can monitor the changes in performance after an ailment or injury as well as track the recovery as well.

The Final Word

The above-listed home health devices use cutting-edge technology. They are designed by a team of medical experts. If you are planning to buy any of the above-listed home health devices, contact the respective best device dealers.