Dafabet India is a bookmaker that was established in 2004 in Makati, Philippines. Today it is one of the most famous bookmakers in the world, which focuses mainly on the territory of Asia. The organisation operates under the licence of the Curacao Gaming Commission. Dafabet India is actively involved in the race for the title of the best sportsbook for cricket betting. 

You can use a handy tool for betting on cricket and sports in India – the Dafabet app.  It is designed for Android and iOS and works in Hindi and English. It allows you to bet wherever and whenever you want. 

The Legality of Betting on Sports in India

Betting is not allowed in India. But, online betting is allowed. This is because of a law dating back to 1867, which prohibits the establishment of gambling businesses that provide gambling services to their customers. However, with the advent of the internet and the advancement of technology, you don’t have to go anywhere, which means you don’t have to visit such an establishment. Everything is legal. And bookmakers are set up outside India, which allows them to circumvent this law. Dafabet included. 


If you bet online, you won’t be prosecuted for it, but don’t forget that income from betting is taxable, which means you may have problems if you don’t pay it. Be careful.

How to Make Betting Possible on Android

To start betting on your favourite sports you need to do a few things on your Android device. This is because the application cannot be found in the Play Store. The following procedure is divided into two parts: downloading of Dafabet APK file and installing the app. 

Download the Dafabet APK on Android

  1. In the search line of your browser, enter the name of the bookmaker you are looking for;
  2. Visit the official Dafabet website of the bookmaker;
  3. On the official website of the bookmaker, find the installation location of the mobile app for betting on sports;
  4. To download the Dafabet APK file to your system’s storage, click on the Android graphic icon.

Installation of the Dafabet Sports App

After downloading the Dafabet APK file to your smartphone, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Navigate to the storage of your device;
  2. Locate the folder with the download name in your navigator;
  3. Go to the “Installation” tab to locate and extract the installation package.

The Dafabet mobile app is installed on your Android device. You can use its features on your gadget. 

How to Download the Dafabet Sports App on an IOS Device

Downloading and installing the application is much easier than with the Android operating system. The process is unified and does not force users to spend time for the application to appear on the desktop of the mobile phone. 

The Installation Process of the App on IOS

You can start downloading the Dafabet 2022 app in two ways. You can go to the official Dafabet website and find the link to download the app in the App Store. However, you can simply write “Dafabet” in the App Store search box and click on the first app found. These two different actions will lead you to the same outcome. 


  1. Find the app download button on your smartphone in the App Store;
  2. Tap it and the app will start downloading;
  3. The installation will be done automatically and the app will appear on your desktop. 

Mobile Version of the Dafabet Website

Before the appearance of sports betting apps, bookmakers made mobile versions of websites for users who prefer to use a smartphone. 


Today such versions of sites still exist and even enjoy some popularity. The main differentiating feature is that the website does not require any additional software to be installed on your device. 

Dafabet Sports App vs Mobile Version of the Website


Comparable characteristic Mobile version  Dafabet.com app
Need additional software +
Notifications +
Personalization + +
Broader Audience Reach +
Offline Access +


Certainly we cannot say that any of this is better or worse. It depends on your personal preferences. We only help you understand the differences between the app and the mobile version of the site. The final choice is yours. 


We tried to tell you about the possibilities of using the dafabet.com application on Android and iOS. You have studied the detailed step-by-step instructions for downloading the app and learned about the possibilities of using the mobile version of the Dafabet website. We hope that our little article and analysis of the Dafabet mobile app and the mobile version of the website have helped you with the choice you want to make. We wish you to keep your head in the game and good luck in your upcoming endeavours!


Is It Allowed for Me to Create Another Dafabet Account?

No, the bookmaker’s rules prohibit this. If it is determined that a person has several Dafabet accounts, all of those accounts will be permanently banned, with no hope of recovery. Dafabet registration will also be banned for you if such violations are found.


What About Payments?

Transfers in the app and on the mobile version of the site can be made in Indian rupees and use the most convenient payment methods for residents of India. 


  • UPI;
  • PayTM;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Bank Transfer; 
  • EcoPayz and other methods.


Dafabet cares about its customers and makes transactions quickly.