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Cryptocurrency offers financial opportunities that might seem out of reach for the average person who doesn’t have a financial or technical background – and really doesn’t want one. If you’re thinking about entering the new currency world, but all the news about crypto markets rising and falling and all the new blockchain vocabulary gives you a headache, you may find some relief in decentralized finance.

DeFi is a pioneering industry that re-engineered traditional financial functions to provide crypto owners with financial services for their new digital assets. The industry evolved and matured over the last few years, with platforms refining their business models and user interfaces. But if you’re a newcomer, you might still find this world complex and confusing. Most platforms specialize in a few financial products, so assembling a diverse strategy means switching among different alternatives and spending more time trying to understand them. On many platforms, you’ll have to actively manage assets by yourself without a clue about how their strategies work.  More fundamentally, it might be difficult to tell which platforms are best and which you can trust.

Here’s some advice: start with a simple-to-use financial hub that educates you in a variety of solutions, like the innovative Nimbus Platform. It promises to guide all users into the labyrinth of crypto finance with user-friendly navigation and educational tools that can simplify some of the most byzantine financial devices. Fifteen earning strategies are easily accessible to all users, who simply choose the path that suits them and follow step-by-step instructions to start earning rewards any crypto player would envy. Staking is a simple way to get rewards by holding assets in a pool that yields an annual rate. On the peer-to-peer exchange, you can exchange tokens with other Nimbus users on your own terms by setting your price and volume. Then a self-executing protocol called a smart contract securely completes your transaction without intermediaries or commissions. With the Nimbus lending decentralized application or dApp, you can lend any amount and withdraw the assets or rewards at any time. Borrowing has fixed rates and no time restrictions, and you control risk by setting your own collateral level. Nimbus’ unique notification system manages liquidation.

After you’ve mastered these strategies without night classes in finance, you’ll find that Nimbus is developing some unique products for you to explore, such as the first yield-generating NFT. Instead of representing ownership of specific digital assets like art, it will function like a personalized financial strategy that automatically distributes assets across products, saving time and fees while mitigating risk and optimizing yields. In addition, the unique Nimbus crowdfunding dApp will allow users to participate in startup crowdfunding with advanced features for automatic asset distribution, usage, and accountability.

If this sounds good so far, let’s look under the hood.

Like all DeFi, Nimbus uses smart contracts. These are protocols that rely on decentralized computer code and verification to execute and store transactions on peer-to-peer networks. They are virtually impossible to change and are not subject to a centralized point of failure or outright malicious modification. Nimbus’ smart contracts use pieces of the same logic that other programs have, like that of the popular crypto exchange Uniswap. But Nimbus is unique because it combines all of these pieces in one place to work effectively for their users’ advantage with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Importantly, Nimbus doesn’t typically outsource product development, a mistake that many start-ups make. Rather, Nimbus employs a dedicated in-house development team to prevent errors and loss of control. It’s critical that smart contracts are analyzed and triple-checked to make sure they work correctly, and developers must be aware of the vulnerabilities of smart contracts to counter any weaknesses. Nimbus emphasizes that smart contract developers do not need a background in finance, although they should know the basics. Multifaceted backgrounds are important to provide both detailed and broad perspectives to a groundbreaking enterprise. Finally, Nimbus implements vigorous audit procedures with established cybersecurity services and institutes an ongoing bug bounty program that rewards friendly hackers for finding flaws in their systems.

Perhaps the most significant attribute Nimbus has is its commitment to users and community. They say their mission is to foster a new society in which each human being is financially empowered and in control of his or her own future – and assets. If you want to be part of that society, Nimbus makes it easy.