The online gambling industry is booming and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many innovations that are taking place in the online casino industry like live casinos, AR/VR integrations, and cryptocurrency payments to name a few. As such, the industry has also generated a number of different employment opportunities for people all over the world. Of course, there are the software developers who actually create games that are published on online casinos. But aside from that, since live casinos are becoming more popular as well, there has been an increasing demand for croupiers in online casino platforms.

In this article, we are going to go over the ins and outs of being a casino croupier and what these professionals have to go through in their everyday lives. We’ll also talk about the perks that come with being a croupier and where you can find job opportunities within this line of work.

What Does a Croupier Do Exactly?

While not many people may be familiar with the term croupier, they actually play a very crucial role in the conduct and operations of any kind of casino. Typically, the croupier is a term that is often interchanged with the word dealer. They are in charge of working casino game tables and they are responsible for controlling the progress of the game while making sure that all rules and protocols are being followed. Aside from their technical operations, croupiers also function as personal relations agents who keep the conversation going among casino visitors.

How Do You Become a Croupier?

For the most part, casinos don’t have very strict requirements when it comes to the qualifications of a croupier. At the very least, you should have a good foundation of basic mathematics as you will be in charge of overseeing bets and payouts. This means that you need to have good mental arithmetic in order to keep the game flowing smoothly. No one will want to wait for you to be computing the numbers in your brain before proceeding to the next phase of a game. Aside from that, you will need to have a good understanding of the fundamental rules involved in various casino games. Sometimes, you will only be assigned to a specific game like poker and those are the only rules you need to orient yourself with. But having a decent grasp of the rules of numerous games will open up more opportunities for you to find work.

It’s also essential that croupiers have decent communication skills as they are the ones who interact with customers the most within the context of a casino. Whether it be a live casino on an online platform or within an actual brick-and-mortar establishment, croupiers have to constantly find ways to make the experience fun and wholesome for the players. Many of the more prominent casinos will offer on-the-job training for their croupiers, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to all establishments in the industry.

Perks of Being a Croupier

There are a number of different perks that come with being a croupier. For one, depending on what kind of casino you get assigned to, you get a chance to travel to many different places. Of course, this may not necessarily apply to live casino croupiers. However, another fun aspect of being a croupier is having the ability to play casino games without having to spend your own money. As a croupier, you are representing the house in the games you handle and you get to participate in these games while using the house’s money. You get all of the fun but none of the risk. Next, you also have an opportunity to interact and socialize with so many different kinds of people. This is especially a big draw for extroverted individuals who constantly crave social interactions.

Where Croupiers Can Find Jobs

Of course, we’ve already talked about how live casino games are becoming more prominent. You can definitely find work as a croupier for live games in the many online casino platforms around the world. However, you can also find work as a croupier in traditional brick-and-mortar casino establishments. Casino games are also immensely popular on cruise ships and this greatly appeals to croupiers who may be travel bugs.