The more technology develops, the closer we get to the science fiction films of the past. For example, before the mass popularization of home entertainment systems like the Nintendo or the Sega Genesis, the very concept of video games was almost unthinkable. And even after the classic games broke through in the mainstream, nobody could have imagined that one day all people would have a miniature computer, which they carry in their back pocket, that can run those very same games (and more).

Today, however, mobile gaming is one of the biggest subindustries in the gaming industry. The most incredible part about it is, that it is still growing. Games like Candy Crush, Raid: Shadow Legends, etc. are some of the most played in the world, and many classic games are receiving a mobile port. But, with the popularity of these games at an all-time high, many are wondering whether mobile gaming is safe? The answer to the question is not quite simple. Largely, gaming on your mobile is, indeed, safe. However, there are dangers that should be expected. And in this article, we are going to give you a few dangers, and offer some tips to stay safe.

Be Careful When Online Gambling

Online casinos are becoming the hit new thing in the world of gambling. And for good reason. These apps are a lot more convenient and easily accessible than land-based casinos, and most of the time, offer all the classic games. However, it is worth noting, that when you are first starting out with online gambling, you ought to take a few things into account. For example, many online casinos work without an official license. Make sure you avoid these websites and stick to licensed and regulated casinos like the Casumo online casino. Unlicensed casinos are unregulated by any authorities, which means that, should something go wrong with your bet, the casino will not be held accountable by anyone.

Hidden Fees

Mobile games are a great way to pass time. They are fun, light, often easy, and engaging. The best part about mobile games is that they offer various bonuses and features to make the game more fun, however, this practice also correlates with the worst part about mobile gaming. That is, that sometimes, these bonuses and extra features come at a price. Many people will innocently click on an offer, without realizing that it comes at a price, and some people will do this too often before the realization comes to them. But by that point, it is already too late, and you have dumped a small fortune on a game that was meant to just be a fun way to kill some time.

Fake Apps

Remember that most mobile games connect to various social media profiles. This means that people can access your information through these games. Often, hackers will use fake apps for various mobile games in order to get to your personal information. It is for this reason, that it is hugely important to use the approved apps, available through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It might be alluring to get a mobile game for free by downloading it from a shady site, however, ultimately it is better to not play the game, than fall in the trap that some hacker has set up.


Ultimately, mobile gaming is just as safe as any other form of gaming. It is true that there are dangers, but the same can be said for any console. Hackers can use various ways to get to your computer, PlayStation or Xbox, and it is no different for mobile gaming.