Young woman holding cardboard box. Moving into new home.

Moving to your first apartment is really something to look forward to. No matter if you rent it or own it, the first place to live on your own is luckily to become a part of a quite memorable experience. You don’t want to spoil it from the start, and that’s why you need to carefully plan your moving to a new place. Take some time to think it through, and we will tell you where to start to plan your moving properly.

Why do you need a plan for your first moving?

We all saw the moving process in movies or helped some friends to relocate from one place to another. The first relocation to manage on your own most likely would be different from fun box juggling wearing a happy face. If you really want your moving day to go as planned, you need to be well prepared. Other than planning, you might have to hire professional apartment movers if you need to relocate a lot of stuff. Obviously, there’s a lot to think about, so let’s see what we should consider when organizing moving to a new apartment.

5 useful tips to get through the moving day with ease

1. Ensure the new place is ready for the living

You may want to check utilities to be set up, change batteries in smoke detectors, and have enough keys to give to any family member. Ensure every socket is functional, water is running, and plumbing works perfectly. When you’re done with moving, the place is your home, and it should work as one. So, before you move in, make sure everything is ready.

2. Make a plan of the apartment

You need it to decide how you want to arrange your stuff in a new place. A clear view of how your new apartment will look like when everything is moved helps you prioritize the boxes and furniture to put everything where you need it to be from the start. In addition, it is important to acknowledge the physical parameters of your new place to ensure every piece of furniture will fit.

3. Decide if you need to hire apartment movers   

Professional services might be costly, but if you have a lot of stuff to move or do not own a vehicle, hiring a moving company might be a good solution. Moving to an upper-floor apartment can be a challenging task, too, as not every building has a service lift to accommodate some furniture. Don’t risk your health and opt for professional assistance.

4. Make a budget for your moving

It is important to determine how much you can spend on moving. Even packing your stuff is not free, as you will need special materials to ensure the safety of your belongings. You will also need to buy some new stuff for your new apartment, so it is important to understand how much you can spend on moving and how to distribute the funds. When you see clear figures, it’s easier to decide if you should save on moving company and ask your friends for help, or you risk losing valuable items, and moving company is absolutely necessary.

5. Get a toolbox and cleaning supplies

Those things are a must-have when you move to a new place. Googling “moving company near me” and hiring help won’t save you from some mess that might occur when everything is done. Even the most professional movers can’t guarantee some old pieces of furniture don’t fall apart while moving. You will need something to quickly fix minor problems and clean up after everything is unpacked.


Moving is never easy, though quite exciting and refreshing. You are about to have a new start in a new place, and this is an experience everyone loves. Use our tips to fill the moving day with great memories and solve every possible problem with ease.