Are you a fan of movies? There is a good chance that you enjoy spending your weekend watching the latest movies from Hollywood. It seems a new movie is released each week. Therefore, there is always something fun to watch. Nevertheless, you’ll find that certain movies are better than others. Which movie is going to be right for your weekend viewing party? Ultimately, it depends on what you like watching. When possible, you should pick a genre and a movie in that genre. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have no trouble picking the best movie for your watch party.

Below, you’ll find out more about the top movie genres.


You’ve likely heard the term indie at some point. One thing you have to understand about indie movies is that they can cover various genres. An indie movie means that it is independent. It wasn’t produced by a top studio in Hollywood. Instead, it might’ve been produced by a few friends from a local college. Indie movies tend to be unique because they are willing to break the rules. While the acting might not be as good in some cases, independent movies are worth checking out.

If you like indie movies, you should watch Blue Ruin, Memento, The Blair Witch Project, or The Killing Of Two Lovers. You’ll notice the stark differences between independent films and mainstream movies.


Some people want to be on the edge of their seats from start to finish. You may want to be scared midway through the movie. Over the years, horror has established itself as one of the leading movie genres in Hollywood. While most horror movies tend to lack an in-depth story, they make up for it with pure horror. They can be downright frightening. There are several genres of horror movies such as thrilled and slashers. The latter tend to be less realistic and gorier.

You just need to remember that horror movies may not be suitable for younger kids. The content might be too violent for these individuals. Some of the best horror movies include Run, Us, The Night House, It, and A Quiet Place.


When you find yourself down in the dumps, you may want to laugh. Doing so is a good way to break out of that mood. Thankfully, you can easily find countless movies that will make you laugh over and over again. The comedy genre tends to be one of the most popular because it is versatile enough to satisfy people of all ages. However, some comedy films are rated R meaning they’re not great for younger people. Some films blend genres. You might enjoy watching a comedy romance or a comedy horror movie. Either way, the film should be humorous if it fits into the comedy genre.

CODA, DOG, Ghostbusters, Blindspotting, The Gentleman, and Office Space are some of the best movies in this category.

Period Dramas

Some people absolutely love period dramas. They could be some of the best movies in the world. They also make great television shows. It is impossible to return to the past and see how people lived many years ago. However, period dramas give you the chance to relive those historic times. These films are set in historical times so you can guarantee that there will be fancy castles, beautiful clothes, and strange languages. Usually, period dramas include romance and other genres.

They’re also deeply emotional so you might need a tissue. If you like period dramas, you should try watching Little Women, 1917, Braveheart, The English Patient, or The Duchess. These films are equally exciting as playing the สล็อตเว็บใหญ่ที่สุด.

Romance Films

Finally, you should consider enjoying a romance film with your loved ones this weekend. Romance films are highly recommended because they’re going to pull on your heartstrings. These movies focus on a romance between one or two couples. They’ll have to overcome adversity to ensure that their relationship thrives. Again, some romance films also include other genres such as comedy, war, action, or period dramas. Either way, watching a romance film is a good way to bond with your significant other.

Some of the best romance films of all time include I Want You Back, Carol, Ghost, and West Side Story.