GetAFollower Review

Buying social signals can be a quick and easy way to get ahead on pretty much any social network. Social media growth companies are increasingly specializing in social proof, but the vast majority of what’s sold online is garbage…plain and simple. Authentic social proof from real people is the only safe and effective option, as spam social signals can lead to account suspension. In my GetAFollower review, I set out to determine which side of the spectrum this well-known seller sits on.

GetAFollower: In-Depth Review

The basic blurb from GetAFollower is reassuring enough. Initially established as an Instagram growth specialist, GetAFollower gradually diversified to cover almost every social network on the web.

They claim to offer nothing but high-quality services and social proof from real people, with a long list of targeted services available from around the world. Their terms and conditions make for reassuring reading, and their collective industry experience spans more than three decades.

All of which looks good on paper, but how does it all stack up when put into practice?

What Exactly Does GetAFollower Do?

GetAFollower sells a long list of social signals for the world’s most popular platforms, which they say come from real people with active and authentic accounts. You simply indicate the social media account you would like to promote, select the products you would like to buy, and indicate the relevant quantity.

After completing the payment process, GetAFollower gets to work adding them to your profile, your post, your page, your video, or your channel. No passwords or log-in credentials are necessary – you simply provide the URL of the target for the social signals, and they roll them out gradually over the next day or so.

What Makes GetAFollower Special?

Having examined the GetAFollower website from top to bottom, I can confidently say that the following gives them an edge over most rival social media growth companies I’ve checked out:

Transparent Pricing

The prices quoted by GetAFollower are not only insanely low but are also clear and transparent. No hidden extras or additional costs beyond the prices quoted on their website.

Responsive Customer Support

I put their customer support team to the test personally and found their reps to be knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Live chat response times during my review averaged around 30 seconds, which is impressive.

High Retention Rate

All sales at GetAFollower are covered by a 60-day retention warranty, which is the longest you will get from any comparable social proof specialist on the web.

Secure Payments

GetAFollower accepts a wide variety of popular payment methods, and all transactions are processed with safety and security as a top priority.

Real Services

The biggest point of appeal with the whole GetAFollower experience is their guarantee of 100% authentic social signals. They repeatedly state that all products come from real people with active and authentic accounts – none of the usual spam.

Money-Back Guarantee

For added reassurance, they also back their word with a full money-back guarantee. Their terms and conditions state that if you don’t receive the products you ordered on time as promised, you’ll be eligible for a full refund.

Drip Feed Delivery

All products and services are delivered gradually (as opposed to in bulk) as a way to keep things discreet and avoid detection. Too many social proof specialists deliver their products far too quickly, which can be a recipe for disaster.

No Passwords Needed

As already touched upon, no passwords or log in credentials are needed to place an order with GetAFollower. They simply need the URL of the target for the social signals you buy, and everything takes place 100% off-site.

GetAFollower Top Services

GetAFollower Top Services

The full catalog of products and services available at GetAFollower is huge, covering the vast majority of popular and niche social networks. At the time of my review, the following stood out as perhaps the most useful of all, which were priced from as little as $5.00:

Twitch Services

Streamers can pick up Followers and Viewers for Twitch starting from just a few bucks, with the option of booking Live Viewers in advance for future streams, which is pretty cool.

Facebook Services

Their list of Facebook services is probably the biggest I’ve come across, which includes Likes, Followers, Views, Reviews, Group Members, Reactions, Event Attendees, Comment Replies, Comments, Shares, polls, Votes, and more. All of which are said to come from real people – identical to the real thing.

Twitter Services

There’s a decent contingency of products and services up for grabs for Twitter users, including but not limited to Followers, Retweets, Comments, Likes, Views, Poll Votes, Impressions, and many more besides.

TikTok Services

The most dynamic and the fastest-growing platform in the world right now, TikTok users pursuing organic growth can buy Followers, Comments, Likes, Shares, Views, and a variety of other services from GetAFollower.

YouTube Services

As for YouTube, GetAFollower’s product collection features general promotional products and specialist services for account monetization. Examples of which include Views, Subscribers, Likes, Shares, Watch Time Hours, Comments, Dislikes, Favourites, and many more besides.

Plus, there’s the option of placing requests for custom orders and bespoke services directly with the GetAFollower customer support team, which is pretty cool.

GetAFollower Pros & Cons


Going by what I came across while conducting my review, I’d pick out the following as the biggest plus points of the GetAFollower experience:

  • Huge product catalog covering all major platforms
  • Responsive and professional customer support
  • Product and package prices start from less than $5.00
  • Guarantees of 100% authentic social proof
  • A full money-back guarantee on every order
  • The longest retention warranty on the web (60 days)


On the downside, I can think of two things that could stand to be improved at GetAFollower:

  • They don’t offer any free product trials or samples
  • Customer services operate during office hours only

GetAFollower User Reviews

GetAFollower User Reviews

Digging deeper, I checked out what was being said about GetAFollower elsewhere by people who have actually used their services for themselves.

Shy of the occasional negative comment (which is pretty much inevitable), they seem to have accumulated predominantly positive feedback over the years.

I took a look at what was being said on Sitejabber and Trustpilot – both of which paint a positive picture about how GetAFollower does business.

Is GetAFollower Right For You?

Buying social signals has become commonplace among businesses, brands, and content creators looking to gain an edge. From Likes to Followers to Subscribers to Shares to Views, the numbers count for a lot.

In short, the more social proof you accumulate, the easier it becomes to present yourself as legit.

Increasingly, people simply aren’t bothering to take the time to stack up social proof the old-fashioned way. They’re buying it and making a huge difference to the way they’re perceived in the process.

Hence, buying social proof isn’t only about getting ahead – it’s also about creating a level playing field with your closest competitors.

Though again, the importance of authenticity warrants repeating, as fake social proof from spam accounts could pave the way for the closure of your account.

Final Verdict

GetAFollower Screenshot

Personally, I’m all for buying social proof as a promotional tactic. Everyone’s been at it for years, so there’s no point pretending otherwise. It’s just that even today, picking up genuinely authentic social proof isn’t easy.

GetAFollower claims to be one of the few sellers on the web to offer nothing but the real thing – 100% legit social signals from real people. During my review, I found nothing to suggest this isn’t the case.

They’ve stacked up an impressive track record over the years, they include a retention warranty with every sale, and they even put their money where their mouth is with a money-back guarantee. This alone makes them worth checking out, as there’s literally nothing to lose – even if you’re not totally happy with the outcome.

Long story short – give them a shot and see for yourself, as I don’t see how you’d be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GetAFollower expensive?

GetAFollower’s promotional products and services start from as little as $2.00, ranking their social signals among the cheapest on the web.

How long will it take GetAFollower to deliver my order?

The delivery process gets underway within the first 48 hours, after which the remaining balance is rolled out gradually by way of a ‘drip feed’ system to maintain discretion.

Does GetAFollower refill my purchase if it drops off?

Yes – all sales at GetAFollower are covered by an initial 60-day retention warranty, during which any products that drop will be replaced for free.

Is GetAFollower a scam?

No – there is no reason whatsoever to suspect that GetAFollower is a scam, as the company has accumulated predominantly positive feedback over several years from past and present customers.