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As a recruit to the sports betting world, choosing a safe and reliable sportsbook is the first hurdle in your journey to a successful sports betting career. The time and effort spent researching value odds and your wagered funds may all come to nothing if the sports betting site turns out to be a fraud or an unsafe platform.

To avoid this risk, you must bet only on sports betting sites Philippines that you can trust. This sports betting guide by guest author Evelyn Balyton, whose profile you can view here, is designed to help newbies identify online betting sites in the Philippines where they can place bets without worry.

In the earliest days of sports betting, when betting shops were prominent, it was a bit easy to ensure the credibility of bookmakers. This is because bettors could easily go to physical shops or outlets to claim their winnings. The physical presence of the bookmakers also assured punters that their money could not disappear into thin air. Nonetheless, fraudulent bookmakers still managed to dupe unsuspecting bettors into parting with their money.

This eventually led to government regulation of the sports betting industry to ensure that only registered bookmakers could accept bets from the public. This government intervention helped achieve stability in the betting industry until the rise of the internet. The advent of online sports betting sites brought with it some distrust as some bookmakers took advantage of the initial lack of regulation to defraud bettors.

Fortunately, online sportsbooks must be registered with National Gaming Boards and regulatory agencies to operate in a country. The Philippines is not left out as the government is keen to protect its sports fans and bettors from untrustworthy elements masquerading as bookmakers.

Factors to consider when choosing a sports betting site in the Philippines.

The following are some essential factors to watch out for when choosing a sports betting site in the Philippines.

1. Licensing and Security

The most essential feature of a sports betting site should be security. Asides from being licensed, the betting sites must take necessary measures to protect your payment information and personal details from scammers. Most online betting sites use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect their customers’ identities from hackers.

Sports betting sites in the Philippines are required to obtain a Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to operate in the country. CEZA licensing comes with a bunch of obligations, such as prohibiting compulsive sports betting behaviors, deploying international banking standards, and periodic inspection of the sportsbook’s software and financial systems.


2. Payment Options

Another essential factor to consider is the reliability of available payment methods. There must be multiple payment methods available to ensure inclusivity. The payment methods must also be secure and guarantee fast or instant deposits and withdrawals. This is because delayed payments may prevent you from wagering timely bets and access to funds as soon as you need them.


3. Betting Market Options

While security and licensing are the foundations of building a trusted betting site, the success rests largely on the betting markets available. Betting markets refer to the number of sports, leagues, and competitions available on a sports betting site. It also includes the options available in each of those categories. For instance, betting markets in the soccer category should not only be restricted to the Moneyline option. Sports fans and bettors should also be able to bet on goals, corner statistics, and overs/unders.


4. Customer Support

Disputes are part of human existence, and this transcends into service rendering too. While you’d rather not experience problems with your preferred bookmaker, the bookmaker must resolve the disputes quickly and satisfactorily. A bookmaker should be easily accessible by providing multiple channels for customers to lodge complaints. The betting site should resolve disputes as soon as possible to ensure continued access to your favorite sports and wagering options.

5. Bonuses

Online betting sites have attracted customers in recent years by issuing huge bonuses and promotional offers to new registrants. These incentives enable punters to wager more on bets and get familiar with the terms and conditions of the website. It also allows you to gain practical experience by wagering in different markets as a newbie.


Other relevant factors include live betting and game streaming options. You may also open accounts with multiple bookmakers to compare before choosing a preferred option. To help with your onboarding into the betting industry, we have curated a list of the best sports betting sites Philippines. As you begin your foray into the betting industry, it’s important to create a personal betting strategy and not get lost chasing losses.