With plumbing running through most of the walls in your home, there’s no plausible scenario where you’re not going to be dealing with plumbing repairs on a regular basis. The problem is, even if there’s a simple solution to your issue, you have to dole out a ton of money for a professional plumber to fix it.


The best solution is one where you deal with the problem yourself. Now, I know that sounds overwhelming, but there are plenty of at-home products that allow you to diagnose and repair your plumbing problem without having to call in an expensive professional. And while you could easily rack up a costly rental bill on plumbing repair equipment, we have a solution that’ll keep costs down.


Sanyipace has a line of products developed by professional plumbers with years of experience. All of their tech-infused maintenance products are geared toward the homeowner who wants to inspect and possibly fix their plumbing issues themselves but also has wide applications for professionals looking to more quickly and accurately assess repairs.


Traditionally, pipe and sewer repairs were done blind, guessing at the problem, rather than addressing it with certainty. This caused unnecessary messes and costly repairs even in DIY situations. Sanyipace’s app-controlled high-quality sewer and pipe cameras allow you to easily get eyes on what’s causing the issue so you know the exact right solution.


Their most popular products include the Sewer Camera with locator and Pipe Inspection Camera. The waterproof 1080p HD drain camera with high-light LEDs allows for clear visuals of sewer tunnels and pipes for both the layman and the professional. Quickly and accurately assess the issue such as blockage, damage or other problems. The bendable camera makes it easy to get around bends for even the most hard-to-reach spots while the modular design allows you to access a variety of pipelines of all shapes and sizes.


The 512hz transmitter allows you to determine the exact position of the camera which is essential during a pipe inspection. The drain camera’s meter counter automatically tells you the current length and depth of cable in the pipe so you can pinpoint the precise trouble area. The auto-leveling function ensures the image won’t continually barrel-roll making it hard to assess the pipe’s trouble.


The 9-inch IPS screen allows you to watch the camera journey in real-time with ultra-sharp imagery. Of course, you can also capture the video and audio with marked measurements for ease of relocating the trouble spot when you’re ready to go in for the repair. In addition to all of those features, the drain camera has a built-in microphone so you can narrate the video as you’re recording it.


Sanyipace drain cameras have multiple applications when you’re looking to diagnose issues throughout your home like under floors, in gutters, attics, chimneys, air ducts or any other hard to reach or view areas. Professionals in fields like plumbing and automotive repair can find multiple ways to use these convenient cameras.


It’s time to cut down on costly plumbing repairs and messes. You can find out more about these useful sewers and drain cameras by heading over to Sanyipace.com.