Contactless and cashless payment through mobile banking

Chime has piqued many interests because of their unique features and benefits. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re an app that offers zero fee financial services that is designed for people in their 20s and 30s with Gen Y habits. Their target market also has social media influencers among them, with large audiences in the thousands to millions of followers on different mediums, such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Below, we will discuss nine benefits of having a Chime debit card.

1. Chime is a mobile financial app that offers unique features and benefits not found at traditional banks

Having Chime means you can do all your banking and finance through your phone. While not being a traditional bank, the app offers many of these services and does a better job at it!

For instance, if you wanted to deposit a check, you simply take a picture of the front and back of it and upload it on their app. You also get 100% of the money deposited in your account very quickly so there’s no waiting.

2. Chime offers quick deposits and a no overdraft fee policy

If you’re with a traditional bank, anytime you make a purchase or withdrawal from your account, they typically have to process it in the order it’s received, which is why some transactions may take longer to show on your balance than others. But at Chime, they give you instant deposits, which means the moment the transaction is processed by Chime, you’ll see it as if you had gotten paid or spent some money.

3. Chime offers free ATM withdrawals nationwide

Each time I withdraw money from an out of network ATM, my bank charges me a $3 fee. With my Chime debit card, I have access to over 60,000 ATMs, no charge! This includes any Moneypass ATM at Seven-Eleven, and all Visa Plus Alliance ATMs.

4. There’s no monthly fee or minimum balance required, so you can keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket

Unlike most banking institutions who really want your money in their hands, Chime doesn’t make you keep an unnecessary minimum balance, nor do they charge a monthly fee. Besides this, there are no overdraft fees.

5. You’ll receive instant notifications each time a purchase is made with your Chime card

You’ll know exactly where a purchase was made, its location and the total amount of money you spent. You can also view your recent transactions online or via their app. Never lose track of your money again.

6. Chime makes saving easier by rounding up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and putting that spare change in savings for you

This is by far my favorite Chime feature. If you spend $32.23 at an ice cream shop, for example, they’ll take that extra 77 cents, rounding up to $33 and save it in your savings account.

7. You can easily split expenses with friends using Chime’s “Pay Anyone” feature

Picture this: you’re having dinner with a group of friends. Someone has already paid out of convenience, but you’ve all ‌agreed to split the bill. With Chime’s Pay Anyone feature, you can send your share of the bill immediately, free of charge.

The same goes for sending money to a family member. Just select the ‘Move Money’ tab, choose ‘Pay Anyone’, and pick who you want to send money to.

  1. Chime is accepted by Visa

You can use your Chime card anywhere you see one of there is a Visa logo. This is a great plus because you can use your card at more places where Visa is accepted, no matter where.


9. Customer Service

Chime has excellent 24/7 customer service so you can have any questions answered at any time!


Chime is clearly an amazing financial tech app, according to its many benefits. Once you get yours, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

When it comes to spending money, you want your debit card to have all the features found in a savings account – no fees, no minimum balance and easy to use. Chime has all that and more, making it a great choice for your banking needs.