By: Nick Gambino 

I miss the old mixtape days where you could swap music with friends and heck, even strangers. There was something so tactile and meaningful about sharing musical tastes. This has been watered down in the streaming era, though sharing songs is technically easier. Many streamers have been adding features that help you explore musical harmony with your friends.

Now there are even more ways to hear what your friends are listening to with Spotify’s new Friends Mix feature. The aggregated playlist includes a large list of random songs pulled from your various friends on the music platform and allows you to discover the best from your favorite people.

This feature existed in part in Blend playlists, but that was limited. In Blend, you would get a mix of your favorite songs with those of a friend’s, but that’s it. Friends Mix is a beefed up version and brings in a ton of songs inspired by a larger circle of friends.

That said, the new feature does depend on the Blend feature to work. The Friends Mix playlist will only draw from people you’re in Blends with. Once you’re in at least three Blends, you’ll see the option for a Friends Mix. Those three or more Blends will be the basis for the super friends digital mixtape.

To start a Blend, all you have to do is search the word “Blend” in your Spotify app. Tap on the first result that comes up and then tap “Create a Blend.” Next, just tap on “Invite” and send it to any friends you want in your Blend. You can select up to ten friends, but you’ll have to be in three one-on-one Blends to access the new Friends Mix.

You’ll see your new Blend once they’ve accepted the invite. Just navigate to your Playlists to access it and start listening to the automatically created playlist.

You’ll have access to the newest playlist feature if you have a free or premium account. Currently, Friends Mix is only available for iOS and desktop users. I guess Android support is coming a bit later.