With the likes of Elon Musk about to buy Twitter, only to pull out when he discovered a massive number of fake accounts on the platform, it makes you wonder how social media will evolve over time. It turns out that those virtue signaling posts with millions of likes and re-tweets may have been bought by bots. Twitter may only be a fraction as popular as it makes out. The future may see a world without Twitter, and since Netflix is also on the downturn, what next for social media?

More TV and Movie Watching on Social Media

Speaking of Netflix, you are probably aware that YouTube is becoming one of its bigger competitors. We all know that you can buy old and new TV series and movies off YouTube, which is very handy, but now things are changing even more. Why go to Netflix to sell your TV series for a one-off payment, when YouTube has people viewing and re-viewing its content for years. 

There are videos that have been on there for eight years and have earned far more than Netflix could afford, and they have done it through affiliate advertising. People are making shows and posting them on YouTube because over the long-term it can be very profitable. Plus, owners of old shows, especially stand up specials, are also veering away from streaming services in favor of social media, and it is paying off.

People Will Trade Their Accounts For Good Money

Back before the dot com bubble burst, people were spending millions on domain names. These days, it is highly followed social media accounts that are drawing in all the cash. Companies like Fameswap are offering places for people to sell their accounts and they are making good money out of it. 

The problem at the moment is consumer confidence. Most people are not willing to buy another person’s social media account because of the spammers who build them up artificially. Like the people who re-post lots of other people’s stuff just to fluff up their numbers, or the people who buy followers and then try to sell their accounts.

In the future, the social media networks are going to easily spot these types of spammy account-building account-selling people, and that is why selling social media accounts will really take off. That is when it will become another legal and mainstream way for people to earn money from home.

YouTube Shorts and TikTok Will Disappear

The weird thing about these short-video platforms is that they never last … Vine, Coub, Gfycat, Giphy, Vero and many more. They do well for a short time, they are heavily promoted by their owners, but they always die off eventually.

TikTok has epic amounts of money behind it from China, and the Chinese are making great money selling consumer behavior data, but it never lasts. YouTube Shorts was created to compete with TikTok, but it won’t make a difference. Short video websites and apps are a nice distraction, but their disposable nature means they always have to over-promote in order to maintain their user numbers. 

Older People on Social Media

Have you seen all those young hotties on Instagram and TikTok? Well, those people are going to get older, and where they may not be able to promote themselves using their hot bodies, they are going to find a way to keep their social media success going. As with all things, most will retire, but the fact is that some people are social media stars as a profession, and they are going to find a way to keep working even when they are senior citizens. Nobody knows what sort of sub-genre they are going to create, but make no mistake, they are going to make one.