Our mobile phones are big storage of private information, which can be used against us. Hackers or people with fraudulent intentions can resort to illegal methods to find out more about the target person. The private data they may be hunting for is our passwords, PIN codes, photos, videos, phone call recordings, and credentials. If hackers succeed in getting access to it, they can use it for blackmail or stealing money from bank accounts. That is why we should go to great lengths to protect our mobile phones from data theft and make our devices safe places for collecting moments of private life. The information about hacking techniques, particularly how to track someone’s phone, is publicly available, so everyone can try to sneak into someone’s private space. The law prosecutes these illegal actions, but unfortunately, not every spy can be brought to justice. Often spy software is hardly detectable, so you should be knowledgeable enough to counteract these hacking attacks. The most important thing is to detect suspicious activity the sooner the better to prevent data leakage.

Signs of someone listening to your calls

Hackers can get access to your phone calls by installing special spy software on your device. Using wireless communications and special hacking programs, any user can use this method. In addition, using viruses of a certain type, criminals can steal and clear the smartphone owner’s personal data and other information stored on the phone. These applications can hardly be visible to the naked eye, so this article will help you confirm or refute the suspicions.


So, to find out if someone is listening to your phone calls, you should take these telltale warnings and signs into consideration.

1.    The battery is draining up quickly.

Spy software needs phone battery capacity to perform all its functions correctly. So, if you make sure that your battery status is okay, but your phone needs more charging, take the necessary steps to remove the spy application from the smartphone.

2.    Your mobile device is getting hot instantly.

This heat issue can happen because malicious spy software exerts pressure on the smartphone and causes performance errors.

3.    Unknown program icons.

As a rule, spy software cannot go unnoticed, so it is possible to detect at least a little trace of it on your phone. In this case, you should make a thorough usage analysis of your phone. To do it, you can install special antivirus software that will also help you get rid of malicious spy applications.

4.    High data usage.

When the hacker records your phone calls, he needs to send them to an unauthorized listener. For this reason, you may notice that data usage has become excessive.

5.    Unusual sound when using a smartphone.

It may happen when the phone is near other devices. In this case, it is okay to notice weird noise. But if you don’t use your phone at this moment, these disrupting sounds can be a serious cause for concern.

6.    Your phone turns off and turns on by itself.

It can be a telltale sign of monitoring your phone by hackers. You can also have some difficulties with when phone screen. It may not dim for a long time if malicious software is installed on your phone.

If you are worried about the possibility of someone listening to your mobile phone, it is better to turn to the operator for help. The telephone company can change the line. You can also go to the police station to prove the spies’ illegal activity. In addition, special antivirus applications can help to remove any spy software from your device and prevent data leakage.



Smartphones are not just handy devices for an active business person. Their owners use this device for personal and work-related calls, SMS correspondence, and communication using various messengers. In addition, photos, videos, and other files that should be hidden from prying eyes are stored in the device’s memory and on the flash card. Therefore, it is important to take care not only of not losing your smartphone, but also to protect its data.

So if you suspect someone is listening to your phone calls, it is necessary to employ these useful and helpful methods to detect it. Your privacy must be your top priority, and no one has the right to break this fundamental human right. However, it would be best if you did everything possible to get rid of spy software and secure your mobile device from hacking attacks.