As the number of mobile online casinos grows, so do the depositing and withdrawal methods from these sites. Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the methods that continue to be popular in online betting.



Bitcoin’s enormous popularity is because it is completely anonymous. No bank account is required when making transactions with an online mobile casino The elimination of third parties guarantees players top-notch privacy. Unlike other online transaction methods, depositing or withdrawing money with bitcoins is instantaneous. You don’t have to wait forever for a withdrawal.

What is a bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casinos are gambling platforms where you can bet and win in BTC. There are online casinos where you can use only this type of digital currency, and there are some, where bitcoin is just listed among the available ones (among other cryptocurrencies and fiat money).

Benefits of bitcoin casinos for mobile devices

The growth of mobile users leads to improvements at online casinos, yes. But what is causing this very growth? There seem to be several understandable reasons.


  • Convenience and practicality. In today’s world, smartphones rarely leave our reach, as our lives are often tied tightly to them (communications, banking, apps to record the number of squats a day, and so on). This means that a long line to the dentist or a bus ride to grandma’s house in the countryside can be made shorter by spending time playing your favorite games of chance. And you can play without getting out from under a cozy blanket. Convenient!


  • Instant access to betting. Fans of live betting (that is, during the match) will quickly understand the importance of this advantage. Can’t watch your favorite event because of a date, work, or a sudden trip to the bowling alley with old friends? No problem, because bitcoin casinos as well as 5 dollar deposit casinos for smartphones allow you to watch the results of the game from time to time and make your predictions on the outcome. The main thing is not to react too dramatically, otherwise, the people around you may get scared.


  • The ubiquity of wireless networks. Even if the fiber optic civilization has not yet had time to touch the same village, the mobile coverage there for sure will be. And a laptop with a modem will not have to be dragged – the world of excitement is available on the screen of a pocket gadget.


  • Similar functionality. Get rid of the perception of mobile versions as something “cut” and inferior – it’s not the early 2010s. More often than not, you will find an identical version of the resource but adapted for smartphones and pads.


Remember that the chances of getting BTC when playing from a smartphone are the same as from a personal computer. Don’t come to gambling to make money – it’s an entertainment industry. Play wisely!

Device for online gambling: IOS or Android?

There are significantly more Android users than there are iPhones. However, the iPhone market has been much more lucrative for app developers. The average iOS user spends $30 per transaction, while Android users spend only $10.


This can be explained by the fact that inexpensive Android phones are mass-marketed and sold in emerging economies such as Brazil and India, where transaction costs are higher and purchasing power is lower. The iPhone is still somewhat exclusive because of its higher price and tends to be bought by those with higher purchasing power and who can spend more on apps.


The Google Play store has placed restrictions on apps that offer real-money gambling, which has had an impact on online casinos. There are some exceptions, such as the UK, France, and Ireland, but large markets such as the US, India, and Brazil are excluded. The Apple store, on the other hand, is much more open to casino apps, and developers have optimized their sites for the iPhone and iPad.


Casino iOS tends to be a more secure system. When used intelligently, operating systems are secure, but because Apple devices are the only ones that iOS runs on, this encourages better updates and a lack of vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. It can be more difficult to release updates to Android users uniformly and consistently, and this can make devices vulnerable.

A good bitcoin casino app. How to choose?

If we abstract from user ratings and evaluations on information portals, it is possible to identify several aspects that determine the high (or not so high) class of a cryptocurrency casino. You may also find a lot of interesting info here:


These are the most important components of a cryptocurrency gambling site, such as:


  • Security of the bitcoin casino
  • Support service assistance
  • Payout speed
  • Game collection
  • Bonus offers


Don`t forget about verification your app from Apple Store and Google Play Protect


This function is often ignored, but in vain, because it is one of the ways of virus penetration into smartphones. Pay attention to whether the online casino operator has a license. If the answer is yes, then you can safely install the app on your phone. Such applications are easily checked by the Apple store and Google Play. Moreover, most bitcoin casino sites have APK files and you will be able to download the app directly from these sites.



Like the main online casino website, apps allow players to access any section. Using a cell phone, one can play slots, take part in roulette bets, and become a participant in a poker game. The functionality of the app allows players to play, earn bitcoins on cranes, bet in live gambling games, make deposits/withdrawals from the account, become a member of a loyalty program, and take advantage of a bonus offer.

Access to apps is on the main casino site. Mobile bitcoin casinos are new opportunities and absolute independence.