The cryptocurrency market is filled with decentralized crypto projects and their various tokens, which can become hard to tack without centralized exchanges. These exchanges keep you from falling for the sham of acclaimed experts that vow to manage your crypto assets and fail, hence losing your assets. Proprivex vies to be the platform that will help you manage your crypto portfolios securely and at minimal costs while giving you incentives for using the platform.

Undoubtedly, crypto-assets continue to grow in various aspects providing more opportunities for users and enhancing better adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, new users find the risk-learning curve steep in managing crypto-asset portfolios, leaving them vulnerable to shams. Moreover, as an experienced user, shuttling between multiple accounts and exchanges can be challenging while navigating the different security systems of platforms.

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Multiple portfolio-holders are also easy targets to hackers and malicious hackers, which makes it harder for noobs to scale over security risks and protect their assets. For these reasons, Proprivex was created to lessen the burden and complexity of managing diverse portfolios and protecting users with first-rate portfolio management tools.

Proprivex is an essential platform for anyone who seeks to get the best out of their portfolios without worrying about security and other market risks. The Proprivex platform stands out from similar platforms through its unique value propositions, including transparency, low cost, diverse crypto assets, and a gamified ecosystem. In addition, Proprivex is built on the Avalanche network to ensure a customizable blockchain, huge transaction volume, nominal transaction fees, borderless Defi, and carbon neutrality.


How Can You Manage Cryptos Including Stellar (XLM) And Axie Infinity (AXS) On Proprivex?


Proprivex seeks to be the destination exchange for crypto assets like XLM (Stellar) and AXS (Axie Infinity). Axie Infinity is a crypto gaming platform that rewards its users with AXS for playing the Axie Infinity game. This gamification feature is also seen in the Proprivex platform as a feature to entice more users.

Stellar, tokenized by XLM, is the crypto platform that allows you to store and move money in any form of currency using digital representations. It’s borderless and can incorporate all financial systems worldwide on a single network. XLM is a valuable coin, as reflected in its market cap on the coin market.

To manage valuable assets such as them, you need a platform highly secure that allows you to trade, keep, lend, and make OTC portal withdrawals with them. That platform is Proprivex, where retail and corporate traders can transact on the exchange using the web address or the mobile app.

Proprivex’s Exchange supports trading pairs for top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and volume. Exchange fees will be based on trading volume and charged in PPX. Margin trading enables you to trade on the spot market using tokens borrowed from Proprivex. Eligible users can use the margin loan as leverage to open a more significant position.


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PPX holders can also use the lending feature that allows you to borrow against the tokens and digital assets you hold without necessarily trading them. This gives traders and Proprivex users more freedom to trade or hedge on other exchange platforms. This is only possible for Proprivex users with an equivalent amount of the tokens they intend to borrow.


Proprivex Gamified Ecosystem



PPX users are given an extra avenue to earn PPX tokens through the gamified referral working system of Proprivex. In addition, old PPX users are rewarded for bringing new users to the platform via a custom inviting link.


Proprivex Oracles



Proprivex uses the Chainlink oracle for its comprehensive framework to ensure transparency of crypto asset management platforms. With oracles integrated with Proprivex, traders and users of the platform can assess their investment portfolios without the headache of too many go-betweens.

Users and holders of PPX get to be part of a governing community that votes on important decisions determining the ecosystem’s future. Purchase PPX today and be a part of the revolutionary ecosystem.