iPhone 14 Concept
iPhone 14 Leaked Images

By: Nick Gambino

Apple has locked in their next event for September 7, 2022, when they’re expected to release the new iPhone 14 as well as a number of other devices.

The iPhone 14 will most likely follow the same multiple-phone model rollout we’ve seen for the last few years – a standard iPhone 14, a 14 Max, a 14 Pro and a 14 Pro Max. While we might see an always-on display and higher-res cameras, the most exciting rumor is the notchless display.

When they introduced the notch to their screens with the release of the iPhone X, it was met with mixed reviews from diehard users. On one hand, we had more screen, which is always something we’re looking for. On the other hand, that little irritating notch cuts off a bit of any video being watched full screen. It’s strange for sure, but what’s even more strange is they’ve failed to solve this problem for years.

If they can figure out how to get rid of the notch without bringing back the home button, that would be amazing. Honestly, if that was the only new feature, that would be enough for me to upgrade to a new iPhone.

It doesn’t look like we’ll see much in the way of new features in the standard iPhone 14 or the Max standard model. The standard might see a larger 6.7-inch display and a rear-camera capable of auto-focus. If rumors are to be believed, they may stick with the same A15 processors that the iPhone 13 is rocking. This comes by way of trusted analyst, Min-Chi Kuo, so it could hold water.

The Pro and the Pro Max, however, would get the newest A16 processor, making it the better choice for anyone looking for a little more power.

The iPhone 13 came with a mini version which was a smaller, budget-friendly phone. It looks like they’re not returning to that well for the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 is probably going to be the highlight of the event, but there are plenty of people also looking out for the release of the new Apple Watch and AirPods Pro. We might see three new Watch models – a durable Pro for the extremely active, a new SE and the standard Watch Series 8.

The event will be held in-person for a small crowd and will be streamed online. It starts at 10am PST on September 7th.