Sport fans betting online by smartphone app during match, celebrating goal

With the rise of online betting, it’s now possible for sports fans to wager on their favourite sporting event and enjoy the gameplay action at the same time. While one can find some of the most competitive odds on hundreds of sporting events with online bookmakers, some sports tournaments tend to attract more betting action than others. That being said, here are some of the most popular sporting events to wager on. Continue reading!

FIFA World Cup

Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet, with over 400 million fans worldwide. And the reason why the sport has such a huge fanbase is because of its international association football competition, called the FIFA World Cup.

Founded 92 years ago in 1930, the FIFA World Cup takes place every four years in a pre-defined host country. The qualification phase of the FIFA World Cup – which runs over the first three years preceding the final competition – sees several teams competing against each other to qualify for the championship. Then, a total of 32 best teams from the qualification round go on to play in the FIFA World Cup.

As per a study conducted by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), sports bettors wagered over $136 billion on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. So, it’s no surprise that bettors can easily find great odds on hundreds of FIFA betting markets in the BritainBet sports betting section and with other top sports bookmakers online.


First played in 1967, the Superbowl is the annual championship tournament of the National Football League (NFL). For bettors who don’t know, the Superbowl is conducted to determine the final winner of the NFL.

In the qualifying tournament of the Superbowl – the NFL, each team competes against the other three teams in its division, a total of 2 times. Note that the other 10 matches that are included in the schedule of each NFL team are decided in advance. At the end of the NFL season, a total of 12 best teams get qualified to play in the Superbowl.

Owing to its viewership count that goes into millions, the Superbowl attracts a lot of sports betting action. In fact, according to the data released by the American Gaming Association for 2020, over $6.4 billion were wagered on this football competition in the U.S. alone. And this number is expected to be much higher worldwide.

Kentucky Derby

Since the time it went mainstream in the early 20th century, horse racing has always fascinated millions of viewers across the globe. And it’s true for betting on the sport as well. While there are several betting options available for horse racing aficionados, Kentucky Derby remains the most popular.

Held annually in Louisville, Kentucky in May, the Kentucky Derby sees 20 three-year-old Thoroughbreds competing on a 2 kilometres long track. To participate in the elite horse racing competition, the horses first need to compete and be among the best in the Road to the Kentucky Derby series.

Interestingly, the final horse race in the Kentucky Derby lasts only a few minutes. But it’s enough to attract millions in betting from the UK, the US, and several other parts of the globe. All in all, the Kentucky Derby is the best event to wager on if you are a horse racing fan.

So, these were some of the biggest sporting tournaments to bet on as a sports bettor. Besides these, you can place your wagers on other popular sports competitions such as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, The Grand National, March Madness, Rugby World Cup, and the NBA Finals. Happy sports betting there!