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One of the biggest financial markets in the world is the one for cryptocurrencies. Millions of crypto tokens are available on this market, which has a trillion-dollar market size. It is crucial to note that the cryptocurrency market is divided into different token groups. Each group has unique characteristics and advantages of its own. For example, meme coins are among the most well-liked kind of cryptocurrency tokens available today. However, most investors didn’t take these crypto tokens seriously when they first entered the market. This is because most meme coins lack real-world utility or application.

Recently, brand-new meme coin initiatives are using a different strategy. Along with real-world applications, meme coins now provide real-world holdings. Floki Inu (FLOKI) and Guffawli Token are great options. Read on to find out more about these meme coins.

Floki Inu

FLOKI is a token that is ERC-20 and BEP-20 compliant. This means it is a multi-chain coin that operates on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. With the popularity of the NFT gaming metaverse, it’s no surprise that Floki Inu has its own NFT metaverse game named Valhalla (the “heaven” for Vikings after death). Valhalla is a play-to-earn game in which incentives are allocated based on participation, and players control all FLOKI tokens acquired in the game. FLOKI tokens serve as in-game cash and can be used to purchase game assets. FLOKI is a hyper-deflationary coin with an auto-burn mechanism. Additionally, its liquidity has been preserved for 265 years in each BSC and Ethereum blockchains. There are presently 9 trillion FLOKI tokens in circulation, with a 10 trillion token maximum supply set for FLOKI.

With the explosion of NFTs, Floki Inu wants to open a market for NFTs and items outside of Valhalla. The NFT and Merchandise Marketplace on FlokiPlaces would promote the exchange of NFTs and other digital goods. This initiative aims to establish Floki as a payment alternative to Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and potentially the U.S. dollar in addition to entering the NFT arena. Through its specially designed metaverse university, Floki Inu seeks to raise awareness of the Floki Inu ecosystem while educating the constantly expanding public about cryptocurrencies. While most of the curriculum will be accessible to everyone for free to promote the global study of cryptocurrencies, some specialized courses may demand the usage of FLOKI tokens.

Guffawli Token

A meme token called Guffawli Token is debuting on the Binance Smart Chain. A loud, hearty laugh is referred to as a “guffaw.” A belly laugh, which is a loud, contagious laugh, is often referred to as a “guffaw.” The Guffawli enthusiast community is entirely decentralized.

The project’s supporters are urged to speak freely, openly, and honestly so that anyone interested in the project can learn about it and possibly get involved in its progress. We encourage several autonomous, unrestricted group initiatives for community development, self-governance, and other goals. The structure at Guffawli is made up of volunteers from all around the world and, most importantly, is community-owned. The team’s complete finances are only accessible to the developer.

There are a total of 10 billion Guffawli Tokens available. Guffawli will compensate token owners for holding the project tokens in their wallets. Trust is essential in the crypto sector. Therefore, we have created a reliable distribution strategy.