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Content creation could be a job, a hobby, or just something you do when you get bored. Either way, there were over 200 million digital content creators in 2021, and that number is only going up. Allcreate is a content creation platform that is also offering a supportive community for content creators to express themselves freely through streaming. Allcreate offers monetization opportunities to both experts and newbies in the industry.

There are many benefits of indulging in the creation of content. For job seekers, the content creation economy is estimated to reach $104.2 billion this year. If you just consider it a hobby or something you do in your free time, you probably do not need convincing that it is a fun thing to do.

However, it’s a bit exhausting creating content and not getting some things in return, things in the form of engagement, payment, or at least a feeling of being noticed. When that happens, content creation begins to feel like a burden. This boils down to a few choices you have made consciously or unconsciously. It’s time to evaluate those choices and make content creation go your way this year, and that’s what this article will do.

Here are the basic 5 things you need to consider before you begin your content creation journey today:


The most important thing to consider in content creation is yourself. Now, this is not to say that content creation is all about talent, it’s not. However, you need to be aware of if you can do it. There are a lot of sacrifices you would need to make to take on the journey. One of them is multiple research, which you probably already get some points for by reading this article.

To be a content creator, you need to be consistent, keep your ears open, and be ready to learn new and different things. You have to look at yourself and do an assessment. Are you a quitter? Are you lazy? Do you get frustrated easily when things don’t go your way? You need to ask yourself these questions and decide if you are ready to do this.

If your answer still remains yes; then let’s go in, proper, to the things you need to consider.

2. The Aim/Goal

Allcreate’s mission is to give content creators the opportunity to create modern art, a mission they stand by when providing the necessary tools to the streamers that use the online streaming platform. That is the solid foundation on which the platform was built, and you need to have yours as a content creator.

You need to figure out what your aim is with the content you create. It’s nothing fancy, you just need to know what you want the audience to gain from your content. It could be to make them laugh; this is usually the end goal for skits and memes. It could be to educate them; we have loads of content creators sharing their knowledge on Youtube, LinkedIn, and Allcreate. It could even be something as simple as just sharing your lifestyle and letting people get to know you.

Whatever reason it is that you create content, you need to have the idea before you start the journey. This helps make a lot of decision-making easier and guides you in the right direction. One of the things it would direct you towards is the right audience for you, and that’s the next thing you need to consider strategically.

3. The Audience

Every content creator has what they want their content to produce; be it engagements, endorsement, money, or friends, it’s somewhere in your head. One thing that all these possible rewards have in common is that they are all produced by whoever is the audience of your content. Only the right audience will give you the right reward, so the best thing to do when starting your content creation journey is to establish your target audience.

The target audience is the part of the audience that you place the focus of the creation of your content. They are chosen after proper research, using well-laid-out criteria. These groups of people will help shape your content creation. You will use the concepts they like in the way they prefer them. It makes your content creation easier and increases your chances of getting engagement from these people you have satisfied.

As you choose your target audience and work towards satisfying them, so do other content creators in the same niche. You could be trying your best but missing some important steps. Looking towards the other content creators can help you further in creating satisfactory content for your audience.

4. The Competitors

The industry is being introduced to more content creators on a daily basis. You can know this by the increasing number of users on the various platforms, Allcreate also being a testimony to that. Every niche is growing in population and when there’s competition, you need to up your game.

There are 2 things you can do with other content creators in your niche that can be beneficial to you:

  1. Learning: Nobody is an island of knowledge, there are tips you know that others don’t know, and vice versa. Some of your competitors won’t read this article and gain what you have gained. You can check frequently at what the other creators are doing, the new advancements and features they are using, the topics they are creating on, and other ways to better your craft.
  2. Collaborating: All’s fair in love and war. Now, you have learned that the fact that you are competing with someone doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from them. Another way of doing so is by collaborating with them. Create content together and put it out. This also gives you a shot at winning over some of their audience.

5. The Platforms

In choosing your aim and target audience you must have considered the suitable platform(s) to make use of. The platforms play a big role in you gaining engagement.

You need to conduct research on the niche and topics thriving more in each platform and come to a conclusion on the ones to make use of. For example, Youtube is the second most used social media platform in the world but for brief video entertainment content, Tiktok is a better choice presently. You need to have an understanding of what works in the different platforms and not just be led by the numbers.

On Allcreate, self-expression is considered very important and is hugely promoted. The platform provides you with a chance to let loose and express your talent within a community where no content is underestimated. Allcreate also provides monetization opportunities for those who produce high quality content. It’s also a welcoming space for newbies and you should try it out. Join today and get monetized!