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What are Some of the Benefits of Using a Streaming Service?

Streaming services are one of the most prevalent forms of entertainment these days. Any person with access to the internet and a device that can support the required technology can avail of them and watch any show, movie, series, serial, or program. On top of that, streaming services remain available to a broad category and range of people. It is true, irrespective of age, gender, or other parameters.

A few benefits of using a streaming service consist of:

  • High Quality

Generally, all streaming services offer superior resolution and quality of the videos. It stands true as long as the internet connection remains stable. On top of that, the high quality is a feature the viewers can get on all streaming devices. It can consist of tablets, televisions, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

  • Advertisement Free

Streaming services allow the viewers to enjoy a program or show without the interruption associated with advertisements. In other words, an individual would not have to watch an ad between a movie. Thus, it allows for a no-break or interference-free time, enhancing the viewing experience and reducing the irritation that comes otherwise.

  • Convenience

Streaming services make the process and experience of watching any movie or show exceedingly convenient and effortless. The users have to log in using their account credentials, type in the program name in the search bar, or scroll through numerous options to look for and get a suitable choice.

Another aspect that brings out and enhances the convenience element is that streaming services can get accessed even on portable devices. It implies that a viewer or user can utilize them even during a commute or outside their homes.

On top of that, the viewers can watch the programs at any time according to their preferences. They even have the option to do it in the middle of the night.

  • Numerous Options

Streaming services provide numerous options for shows and movies. The viewers can choose a program of their preferred genre.

All streaming services generally have options suitable for people of all ages. In other words, even children can enjoy the shows. They can watch entertainment or educational programs to have an enjoyable time.

On top of that, the series or programs available on the streaming services remain restricted by the viewers’ ages. It, in turn, can prevent children from seeing inappropriate or undesired content.

  • Download-Free Option

Most people do not prefer watching shows or serials because they need to download the episodes. It can take a heavy toll on their device’s storage space. However, streaming services allow the viewers to watch the programs without the need or compulsion to download them.

What are the Top 5 Streaming Services that Come Free With Amazon Prime?

Amazon offers several streaming services once an individual takes up the subscription option with Amazon Prime. Anyone can access them and watch any show or program using them. The series or movies cater to diverse preferences and genres, attracting and appealing to numerous people.

Now, let us deliberate on the top 5 streaming services that come free with Amazon Prime.

  1. Cinemax

Interested individuals can avail of Cinemax and watch their desired programs on it with an Amazon Prime subscription. The monthly fees or charges for the setup currently stand at $10.

The streaming service offers numerous shows and series of varying genres. They entail action, horror, history, suspense, fiction, etc.

A few popular movies featured on Cinemax include “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Ghost Ship,” Street Kings,” “Escape Plan,” “R.I.P.D,” etc.

  1. Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is free with Amazon Prime with a monthly subscription fee of $13. The streaming service works by connecting an existing Twitch account with the Amazon Prime account. After that, an individual can avail of numerous benefits.

For instance, they can access the download option for multiple free games. On top of that, they can even get in-game loot. Furthermore, Twitch Prime allows users to avail of premium content on the Twitch platform. They generally do not remain available to ordinary Twitch users.

Another benefit of getting Twitch Prime through Amazon Prime is the option of subscribing to a single Twitch channel per month. Conventionally, it costs $5. However, the feature becomes free with Twitch Prime. It, in turn, allows the users to unlock subscriber-only chats, exclusive emotes, etc.

  1. Discovery Plus

An individual with an active Amazon Prime account can access Discovery Plus at a monthly fee of $5 after a free trial of seven days. On top of that, they can avail of the ad-free version of the streaming service. It remains available at a rate or fee of $7 per month.

Discovery Plus opens up several options of shows, exclusive originals, series, and movies to the viewers. On top of that, they can stream numerous choices by filtering them using various parameters. They can comprise the genre, release date, actors cast, etc.

  1. Starz

An individual can avail of the streaming service of Starz using the account or subscription they have at Amazon Prime. The monthly fees for the arrangement currently stand at $9. Before that, Amazon Prime offers viewers and users a free trial of seven days.

Starz offers numerous films and television shows that can cater to people of all ages and genre preferences. A few of the famous and well-known programs include “Run the World,” “Outlander,” “Black Sails,” “Ash vs Evil Dead,” etc.

  1. Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus, previously known as CBS All Access, allows viewers to access and watch numerous kinds and types of programs and shows. The streaming service remains available with Amazon Prime at a monthly subscription fee of $10. It offers iconic television shows like “The Legend of Korra,” “World War z,” “Star Trek Beyond,” “Team America World Police,” etc.

Paramount Plus features significant cinematic releases just a few weeks after their release. On top of that, the streaming service offers sports and live news programming.

Amazon Prime provides the option of ad-supported and ad-free versions of Paramount Plus.