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A secret will always remain in one’s hidden arsenal for hitting some kind of uncommon hallmark. However, just like the other cryptos below, Moshnake ($MSH) has gone as much as letting out these secrets to its users. This piece is a sneak peek at those secret plans which could make happy and proud users of the crypto market.

Sandbox has a magical touch.

This great crypto is as ambitious as a bunch of hard-working ants, turning out as the biggest NFT project by combining the top of blockchain hacks with the experience of a completely established team and available resources.

The Sandbox we speak of is a three-dimensional (3D) gaming platform that gives users the power to create the kind of fun they dream of and the opportunity to monetize them.

On Sandbox (SAND), you get the chance to control your gaming experience and also how you are rewarded. Fun fact: It bears the name, Sandbox, not literally because it refers to a box filled with ordinary sand, but a kind of fairy sand with a magical impact on the crypto world. To get your hands on such fairy SAND, just visit any prominent exchange such as Binance.

Hedera is breaking good.

Hedera (HBAR) is a compacted system that is capable of tough functions in the crypto market including the ability to support new and existing applications. Uniquely, Hedera (HBAR) is the only crypto that feeds on hashgraph consensus; a secure and efficient proof of work mechanism aimed to professionally verify transactions on the Hedera (HBAR) network while ensuring no unscrupulous body penetrates its highly theft-proof platform.

The Hedera coin, HBAR, has vast use cases which are: as a payment fee for micro transactions and network services, to reward users, as network fuel to settle costs in in-app services, for staking, and many more.

As Hedera (HBAR) continues its path to becoming the great image of decentralization in the crypto environment, it has promised to develop better features that are beneficial to all crypto traders globally, especially its users. That sounds like a good one, and it’s could be yours if you opt-in on acquiring some HBARs.

The mover of gaming, Moshnake.

There is this medieval time of life that when we trace back, holds a memory we will continually respect as being part of our progress. Take a quick break to revisit your memory lane to confirm this fact, and while you revisit, I need you to remember one of the legendary games our forefathers might have passed through generations down to us. Precisely, the game in view was one of Nokia’s finest at the time called “Snake”, and if you never went through ‘Snake’, then know that it was one of most worshipped games at the time.

Now, the real deal is not how addictive the game might have appeared. The point is, you could spend time with your face locked on the screen whereby hours sum to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, and you end up playing out years of your life without a resourceful gain or tangible reward. As we speak, Moshnake (MSH) has that part fixed by introducing a Play-to Earn (P2E) feature to the mix which pays gamers on the fly.

In other words, the play-to-earn is a concept whereby one is rewarded lots of Moshnake tokens, and $MSHs, while catching the snake fun. There are other wholesome experiences with Moshnake (MSH) which you could start experiencing once you get on its ongoing presale.


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