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The cryptocurrency market is a constantly evolving ecosystem. Every day, innovations are introduced to the market. Blockchain developers are committed to creating projects to ensure that crypto users can enjoy the full benefits of a decentralized ecosystem. While new projects are constantly added to the market, only a few manage to make it to the light of day. These coins usually become one of the largest crypto tokens on the market. However, the others will become part of a long list of altcoins with little significance in the cryptocurrency market.

If you’re like most traders on the coin market, you’re most likely looking for the next big cryptocurrency with the potential to go all the way and become one of the best things to happen in the ever-growing ecosystem. You’ll be thrilled to know that you’re at the right place. By finishing this piece, you’ll have all the information you need. This piece will look at Supontis (PON) and its plans to become the next frontrunner in the crypto space.

What is Supontis (PON)?

For a long time, the cryptocurrency market has focused on ensuring that transactions are processed faster and at a cheaper rate. While Ethereum was the frontrunner of the modern-day DeFi sector, it has reduced in popularity, and some impressive projects are clipping at its heels and looking to overtake it. Notable among them is Solana. Like Ethereum, Solana can facilitate decentralized applications and programs through smart contracts. This means developers can design whatever programs they feel possible using its blockchain.

Yes, Solana made a big difference by processing transactions much faster and at a cheaper rate too. Solana has become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the coin market by showing the crypto community a new way of doing this. The next crypto token to take the world by storm will facilitate further innovation. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long to have this project. Supontis is a recent addition to the market and appears to have the potential to overtake some big names in the crypto space, including Solana.

Solana and other big names in the cryptocurrency market have led to widespread changes and offer crypto users unique features. However, they have still failed to tackle the problem of interoperability. Blockchains still struggle to transfer value between each other. And that’s what Supontis has come to solve. Supontis will serve as a blockchain bridge that will allow users to transfer cryptocurrency assets between each other.

How Does Supontis Work?

Blockchain bridges function in a similar way to real-life bridges. While real-life bridges are usually used to connect different locations or regions, Blockchain bridges are designed to connect different individual blockchains. Supontis can roughly be translated to mean Super Pontis or Super Bridge. And that’s exactly what this project has been designed to do. This cryptocurrency project was designed by an anonymous group of developers who felt they could connect different blockchains and allow them to transfer assets seamlessly.

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When an asset is transferred, Supontis will lock the amount of those tokens on the initial blockchain and wrap a similar amount on the destination blockchain. This network uses smart contracts to execute the transaction in two steps. This two-way binding process will ensure that the tokens have the same value on both blockchains. PON is the native token of this project. Since Supontis is built on the Binance Smart Chain, PON is a BEP-20 token. This token can be used for staking on this project. It can also be used to vote on development decisions and policy updates on the crypto token. Finally, Supontis is known for its high-level security that will protect assets during transfers.


If you want to buy some amount of Supontis, you can participate in the presale and take advantage of bonus offers. Users who deposit in Solana will get a 16% bonus on their purchases.


Supontis Token (SUP)