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Casinos in Sweden are bound by specific laws, much like almost every other country in the world. More specifically, Swedish casinos must operate according to the stringent set of rules and laws laid out in the Swedish Gambling Act that was passed in 2019.

While there is lots of legislation in addition to this Act regulating how gambling is to be carried out, one thing that is abundantly clear in the Gambling Act is that all Swedish casinos who operate in the country and are marketing to the Swedes must have a Swedish license. Read that again because it’s pretty specific. In fact, here’s exactly how it’s worded in the Gambling Act:

“The Act shall apply to gambling that is provided in Sweden, unless otherwise stipulated in 3, 4 or 5. Online gambling that is not directed at the Swedish market shall not be considered to be provided in Sweden.”

As of today, there are only four casinos in Sweden who have Swedish licenses to operate. The law actually states that there may only be four and no more. But that doesn’t mean there are only four casinos in the whole country. There are others. How is that possible?

Well, if you pay attention to the wording used in the Gambling Act, only those gambling operations that market to Swedish citizens need a license. If you establish a brick and mortar casino in the borders of Sweden it would be hard to argue that you’re not marketing to the people of Sweden. But if you move it onto the internet, free of borders, you enter a safe space.

Therefore, any online casino that doesn’t market to the Swedish can operate without a license from the country but can still be accessed by the people who live in the European country. The online casino isn’t physically in Sweden and so doesn’t fall into any category that is prohibited by the Gambling Act.

This is an important distinction as the casinos who don’t have a Swedish license operate under different rules and regulations which are less strict. Now let me clarify. These casinos aren’t shady, underground dwellings that are completely unlicensed. They just obtain their license from another country in the EU, which is totally legal.

Sweden is strict on gambling, but a lot of other EU countries are more lenient, so it stands to reason that if an online casino is operating under a license from one of these other countries and is therefore subject to the rules and regulations of that license, there would be more freedom for those who choose to gamble there.

When you’re gambling in one of the four casinos that operate with a Swedish license, it might seem kind of lacking compared to gambling in other countries. For example, they don’t offer much in the way of bonuses to gamblers. You’ll get a welcome bonus when you first start and that’s about it. They aren’t allowed to give you anything additional to entice you to keep playing. That includes no free spins on slots.

Speaking of slot machines, if you ever played one in a Swedish casino, you may have noticed how non-dynamic they are. Specifically, they are slow. This is because of yet another law in Sweden that states that there has to be a three-second pause between spins on any slot machine. This is just another way to deter obsessive gambling. While understandable, it makes for a less exciting play for those who aren’t battling the addictive nature of gambling.

Busting out of the limited scope of only four casinos, you’ll also find a lot more game options for you to choose from. When you’re staring at only four establishments, there’s going to be a limited selection. By seeking out online casinos, you’re all of a sudden faced with scores of options and therefore plenty of more games to play.

Again, to be super clear, Swedish citizens can gamble in these online casinos and it’s absolutely 100% legal for them to do so. The online casinos aren’t catering specifically to those citizens, but that doesn’t mean the people of Sweden can’t seek out online gambling outlets themselves.

To do so, they just need to fire up their browser and search for online casinos that they can access from Sweden. All of these online casinos are operating off a different country’s license, so they’ll find the platform and gameplay are a lot different that their local gambling establishment.

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