Big Eyes Could Potentially Deliver 200X gains and Displace Avalanche (AVAX), Stellar (XLM), and Other Top-trading Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrencies became famous for borderless transactions, outsized returns, anonymity, security, and exponential growth. Major crypto assets became more valuable than any other asset traded in any market. Therefore, millions of people chose to invest in cryptos and trade these assets. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, but a well-planned investment can help you gain impressive returns. Do the research, find out new coins with tremendous growth potential, and then invest. Do not forget to check the crypto market news channels regularly. The Big Eyes Token (BIG) has astonished investors by raising more than $2 million in the presale stage. Can it overtake Avalanche (AVAX) and Stellar (XLM) Tokens? Let’s find out.

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Big Eyes: The Cutest Meme Coin That Aims to Save Oceans

The Big Eyes Token is cute, powerful, and on a mission to save oceans across the globe. Its adorable cat symbol will draw users tired of seeing dogs in the crypto space. This crypto asset has been introduced as a community token. DeFi platforms are growing rapidly and enabling many services that a centralized finance ecosystem can never provide. Big Eyes want to shift wealth into the decentralized finance ecosystem and protect it for faster growth. Being a community token, it can generate huge wealth for investors. It aims to build a blockchain ecosystem that propagates on its own. This platform will support the creation of NFTs and promote those NFTs to create a collection of top-trading non-fungible tokens. The community will make decisions regarding burning or not burning profits made through NFTs.

On a mission to be the most reputed meme coin in 2022

It seems like crypto-enthusiasts are no longer excited about meme coins. It happened due to losses incurred by many meme coin investors. Big Eyes has implemented the best marketing strategy to regain investors’ trust. It is using influencers, media, and social networking platforms to prove its worth. People have already invested more than $2 million in this platform. It will gain more funding during the upcoming presale stages because the BIG Token is already attracting the masses.

Big Eyes Features

The following features may make Big Eyes the most popular meme coin in 2022!

  • This platform will provide up to 90% BIG Tokens at launch. Many meme coin enthusiasts will invest in this crypto asset to become Big Eyes community members.
  • Big Eyes will charge no tax and no fees. It will support tax less operations so that traders and investors can take full profit home!
  • This platform has planned to create a visible charity wallet. It will donate 5% BIG Tokens to create and save ocean sanctuaries.
  • Big Eyes NFT collections will benefit all community members. Besides, the community can vote to burn or not burn profits gained through NFT events.

Interested users can buy the BIG Token in the presale event.

Avalanche: An Open and Programmable Blockchain for Creating Web 3.0 dApps

Avalanche has become a much better alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. It has the potential to process over 4,500 transactions per second. Developers are choosing this platform to launch applications that process transactions at blazing-fast speed. This platform allows users to deploy blockchains that deliver solutions their applications demand. Users can also create virtual machines to dictate the operating mechanism of the blockchain. The AVA Labs launched Avalanche in 2021 and its native cryptocurrency became one of the greatest trading crypto assets in 2022. The AVAX Token is among the most popular cryptocurrencies today. The BIG Token may soon compete with the AVAX Coin by becoming the most popular meme coin in 2022! As per reports, the daily gas usage of Avalanche C-Chain has reached new highs. It was recently reported to go as high as 461,891,881,112! The transaction count and gas usage are reaching new peaks on the Avalanche C-chain. It shows more and more new users are trusting the Avalanche network for fast and secure transactions.

Stellar: Bringing All Types of Currencies on a Single Network

Stellar exists to connect global financial systems. It offers a protocol to move valuable financial resources securely. It connects people, payment processors, and banks. Users can use this platform to create digital representations for fiat money and major crypto assets. Thus, users can send or trade assets they have built on this platform. The XLM Token is Stellar’s utility token. It is an essential intermediary currency for operations that take place on the Stellar network. Users need this token to move financial products rapidly and pay affordable transaction fees. As per reports, Stellar processed 4,356,559 transactions on 9th September! With 12,556,737 operations, Stellar stands tall as one of the developers’ favorite blockchain networks to create top-end fintech products. Affordable transaction cost is probably the reason behind the growing popularity of this platform!

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