As a crypto trader and user of the blockchain, you need to constantly stay informed of the high-potential cryptocurrencies that are available to you. High-potential crypto tokens are those that have the potential to grow your crypto portfolio at an exponential rate. You can identify them with their use case and excellent infrastructure. Some of these crypto options include;

Fantom (FTM) The Cheap and Fast Blockchain

Ethereum has created a large impact on the coin market. While Ethereum has introduced the Merge feature that promises to boost its speed, certain crypto projects are planning on how to usurp it. Fantom is one of the coins that fall in this category. You see, Fantom is renowned for offering the same benefits and features as Ethereum. However, it promises better speed and low transaction costs. Fantom is a project that operates as a smart contract and has the power to host decentralized applications. FTM is the token symbol for this project. It’s used to pay transaction fees on the blockchain.

To be a part of the Fantom project, you’ll need to stake some amount of  FTM on the blockchain. The Fantom blockchain is cheap and fast and has proven that it can support a vibrant decentralized finance industry. Fantom’s blockchain can work at remarkable speed by relying on the directed acyclic graph. Using the chart, transactions will be displayed as hash graphs. Another reason why this blockchain can function quickly is due to its leaderless Lachesis mechanism. The advantage of the leaderless system is that it will keep working even if a part of the blockchain is damaged.


Fantom also works well with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that Ethereum will be able to process decentralized apps that are hosted on the Ethereum network. Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon are blockchains compatible with the EVM. This greatly extends the reach of Fantom’s decentralized network.


Cosmos (ATOM) The Open Source Platform

Cosmos is one of the cryptocurrency projects that were developed to support interoperability. Users can use this project to support interoperability without worrying about a central server. Cosmos was published in 2016. But it didn’t take long before users started referring to it as the Internet of blockchains. Why? Because it can effectively be used to connect different blockchains. This open-source platform will also ensure that developers can easily copy the blockchain’s code and use it to create similar projects.


Since the development of blockchains and cryptocurrency technology, interoperability has been one of the biggest problems. As blockchains struggled to communicate effectively, it became a tough task for developers. Interoperability is what allows multiple blockchains to be able to communicate with one another. Cosmos is a blockchain that supports interoperability between blockchain systems, including Binance Chain, Terra, and Cosmos’s network is ever-expanding. By relying on the Tendermint consensus and Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol, it’s possible to ensure that blockchains communicate seamlessly. It also adopts a proof-of-stake system.


ATOM is the token symbol for Cosmos. You can stake ATOM to earn massive rewards. It’s also used in token governance.

Moshnake The Play 2 Earn Blockchain Based

Moshnake is a play-2-earn blockchain-based game committed to offering users a unique experience. It will combine elements of a play-2-earn match with the class snake game experience. This crypto coin was designed on the Binance Smart Chain to allow users to process transactions quickly and at a cheap cost. Almost everyone enjoyed playing this retro game classic. And Moshnake is interested in bringing it back to your screens.


What’s more? Playing this game is easy, and you’ll earn more from your interactions with the platform. The competition aims to guide your snake around without crashing into others. Players are given room to improve their snakes by spending on them. The more you spend on your snake; the more money will get back to you.