Emma Sleep – The Right Side of the Bed, Every Time

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it just ruins your day? Maybe it’s not you–maybe it’s your mattress. Sleep that awakens your best — that’s the mission of the world’s #1 D2C sleep brand Emma, with over 4 million mattresses sold worldwide. Now closer to home, nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. And that number just keeps climbing. But most of the mattresses out there are designed for sleepers from size 2 to 6.

Anything more comes with a hefty price tag with a firmness level as hard as the floor… That’s what Emma wants to change because they believe Plus-size sleepers need Plush-sized comfort. So they designed the Emma CliMax Hybrid: Heavy-duty for heavyweights, designed to give comfort & support for sleepers that weigh more than 250 pounds. It features five layers of cloud-like comfort and 1 layer of supportive springs to bring you the best SIX of your life—because you do more in bed than just sleep. Now, I know other mattresses make promises they can’t keep which is why Emma wants you to put their superior CliMax Hybrid mattress to the test. With Emma, you’ll get a free 365-night trial.

That’s one year to decide if this is the mattress for you. If it doesn’t hold up or you just don’t like it, simply return it for free with a full refund of your money. I guess Emma is super confident that this is the mattress of your dreams. Start your 365-night trial of Emma CliMax Hybrid today by heading on over to emma-sleep.com.