Machinio – Buy and Sell Any Machine for Any Job

This world is built on the back of commercial machinery that allows manufacturing and transportation industries to operate faster and more efficiently than ever before. The buying and selling of these invaluable machines is a whole industry unto itself, but there’s only one marketplace worth using.

Machinio is the largest and most comprehensive online platform for buying and selling commercial machinery and equipment. No matter the industry or type of equipment, there’s a buyer on Machinio looking for the machines you have for sale. You can sell in categories like Agriculture, Construction, Trucks, Machine Tools, and Wood Working, Processing and Packaging, and Lab and Medical. Machinio works with thousands of sellers connecting them to millions of active buyers every month. The process is simple. Signing up and creating a listing only takes a few minutes.

In no time flat, you’ll start fielding inquiries of prospective buyers who want to purchase your machinery. And best of all, Machinio takes zero commissions on any sales. That’s something you just can’t beat. Head on over to to start selling your commercial machinery today.