The introduction of NFTs into blockchain technology is an innovation that changed how we view crypto. Before NFTs’ integration, crypto tokens primarily served the role of peer-to-peer transactions. In that capacity, they facilitated decentralized and anonymous financial transactions without the influence of a central body.

The Ethereum blockchain has shown itself capable of powering several NFT and DeFi protocols. Earning the title “King of DeFi,” it is the right choice for the Big Eyes crypto project. With Ethereum, Big Eyes will grow into a sizable NFT-integrated project.

Big Eyes has several vital utilities it intends to leverage till it ranks best meme token in 2022. Let’s see some features of Big Eyes and compare them with Axie Infinity And FTX Token.

Key Features Of The Big Eyes Project

The Big Eyes meme project issues its native cryptocurrency with a total supply of 200 billion. It will make its platform decentralized and community-driven by allocating 90% of this token to its users. In addition to its native token, Big Eyes has other ways it will impact society.


Big Eyes will be big on generosity as it presents itself as an open-handed crypto project. Devoted to enriching its community members, it has implemented a reflective reward protocol. This mechanism returns 4% of transaction fees to all wallets holding its tokens.

Big Eyes will also support known charitable organizations with funds to facilitate their operations. Even during its presale stage, Big Eyes made multiple donations to the public. One notable donation is the $1000 donation made to the Luna Children charity in September 2022.

Big Eyes also made another $1000 donation to Big Cat Rescue Corp. This charity organization is themed towards protecting cats worldwide. With this considerable donation, they will provide extensive care for these cats, protecting them from poachers.


In addition to funding various charity organizations, Big Eyes will be an eco-friendly project. This feature will be evident from its operations to its utilities.

Big Eyes will operate on Ethereum, a proof-of-stake blockchain. It will use a lesser amount of energy than other crypto networks. Big Eyes will also be an eco-friendly project in its future projects.

Big Eyes focuses on helping reduce the rate of ocean degradation. It aims to make the oceans healthy so cats worldwide can have enough fish to eat. However, by accomplishing this goal, both humans and cats will benefit.

Big Eyes, Axie Infinity, And FTX Token

Axie Infinity ties the lead in NFT integration on the Ethereum blockchain compared with Big Eyes. It operates as a play-to-earn platform that utilizes NFT-like characters to facilitate its operations.

Axies are in-game assets owned by players and used to interact with the Axie Infinity metaverse. These digital creatures can be purchased, housed, raised, and bred within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Additionally, players can earn two kinds of tokens,  Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). Each of these tokens has significant usage within the Axie Infinity metaverse.

The FTX token (FTT) is the native cryptocurrency for the FTX crypto exchange platform. These digital assets are used to enjoy discounts on trading fees on this CEX. FTX users can also use the FTT tokens as collateral for trading on the exchange. With substantial insurance and anti-clawback features, FTX remains one of the best CEX in the crypto space.

Big Eyes has features that Axie Infinity and FTX offer. It will be an NFT-integrated project like Axie Infinity with a crypto exchange platform like FTX. However, its features will not be an NFT-integrated project like Axie Infinity  FTX. It has integrated unique earning features into its operations, making it better than any pre-existing project.

The Big Eyes Presale

To enjoy Big Eyes’ features, you need an ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet. This will allow you to store and utilize its tokens. Visit the Big Eyes official website and access the presale portal to buy BIG crypto tokens.

After successfully connecting your wallet to the website, indicate how much you want to spend on the purchase. Verify the amount and approve the transaction.


Big Eyes is rapidly selling out its presale tokens. Over $7 million have been raised, indicating its potential for future expansion.  Use the code BEYES024 to get a bonus on all coins purchased during the presale.


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