Like a plane through the clouds, the cryptocurrency market is turbulent. With thousands of cryptocurrencies currently listed on the market, choosing one that benefits your portfolio is tough. In the past, Ripple (XRP) and Binance Coin (BNB) have proved beneficial. However, this does not mean it has been a smooth ride for the two crypto giants thus far.

Each has had problems they had to address and recover from, showing that no one is perfect in the crypto market. So, can XRP and BNB maintain their place in the market with the new meme token, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), smashing through its presale stages? This editorial piece will examine the ecosystem of each cryptocurrency, deciding which one has the most potential. Let’s start with Big Eyes Coin!

Time Flies With Big Eyes

The sixth stage of Big Eyes Coin’s highly-anticipated presale has started. The crypto community is becoming increasingly excited about the prospect of a new meme token departing from the routine dog-themed meme coins with little to no utility. Instead, Big Eyes Coin aims to bring utility to its native currency, BIG, and NFTs too!

How will Big Eyes Coin bring utility to its NFTs? Big Eyes Coin plans to host an NFT collection in the top ten projects, utilising Ethereum’s (ETH) Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus to achieve an incredibly-fast transaction speed. Once a user obtains a Big Eyes NFT, they can use them as a key to multiple exclusive events and clubs on the Big Eyes Coin platform.

Big Eyes Coin could quickly find itself in the spotlight after its launch. The new meme token has already raised $8.5 million thus far, rampaging through each of its presale stages. The unique Anime design of the Big Eyes mascot appeals to the growing population of Manga/Anime consumers, with plans to release merchandise and comic books in the future.

Has BNB Recovered From Its Recent Hack?

If you know anything about the crypto market, it is its decentralised nature. However, BNB is a centralised token, controlled by a profitable company. BNB’s centralised nature has opened it up to data breaches and hacks, with the latest being the $570 million hack at the start of October.

BNB has since recovered from the hack and is reporting positive numbers. BNB has risen by 4.05% in the past seven days at the time of writing. With Autumn historically being the most successful month for cryptocurrencies, BNB could be on the way to a price rally if its positive trend continues.

BNB remains one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, boasting a market capitalisation of $43.8 billion at the time of writing. Also, the BNB platform hosts an array of services its users can employ. From an academy to an NFT marketplace, BNB has it all!

What Is Happening With XRP’s Lawsuit?

Each month, there is one crypto news story that grabs the attention of the whole community. This month, it is XRP’s lawsuit against the SEC. The SEC initially sued XRP, claiming that Ripple illegally raised $1.4 billion by selling XRP, violating the investor-protection rules. The co-founder and chief executive of XRP allegedly reaped hundreds of millions of dollars from trading gains.

XRP has recently hit back at the SEC by filing legal memos against the Commission’s counter statement. However, if you were hoping to look at the documents filed by XRP, you won’t be able to. They are currently under a seal and are unavailable for public view.

Although XRP is currently in a lawsuit with the SEC, its price seems unaffected by the news. XRP has recorded a 1.77% increase in the past twenty-four hours, at the time of writing. It shows the strength of the XRP community in the face of adversity.

Final Thoughts

BNB and XRP have been instrumental in the success of the crypto market thus far, finding themselves in the top six cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. However, their time could be up with the upcoming launch of Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin has assembled an ecosystem that exudes sustainability while shifting wealth into DeFi. The Anime design targets a growing niche that could help it explode in the future. If there is one token that could compete with BNB and XRP, it is Big Eyes Coin.

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