One thing we all manage to run out of is storage space. No houses or apartments ever seem to have enough and having to store your belongings miles from home is never a convenient substitute. But what about building your own storage space? A Quonset hut is a great alternative for those who need some extra storage but need it to be close at hand.

Using a Quonset hut kit is a great way to save on expensive storage facilities as well as ensuring your belongings are close at hand. But why should you choose a Quonset hut? Let’s take a closer look at their origins and uses to find out.

When was the Quonset hut invented?

Even though you might not have heard of a Quonset hut, you’ll definitely recognize the design. Typically made up of curved steel ribs with a curved roof, these huts are instantly recognizable.

They were invented back in 1941 and were designed to be easily distributed across the globe as well as being easy to assemble. They were used primarily for army and other military outposts – hence the need for their assembly to be as quick as possible.

They were used primarily during World War II and during the war, it’s estimated that 150,000 of them were set up in different posts across the world.

But post war, this meant that new uses needed to be found for them. They were quickly picked up by agricultural and commercial systems and utilized as a new storage solution. Due to the success of this venture, they’re now found as storage solutions for anyone and everyone.

What can you use a Quonset hut for today?

  • Agricultural storage (including animals)

The size of the Quonset hut makes it ideal for storing away any mechanical agricultural equipment that needs to be kept out of the wind and rain. It can keep tractors and ploughs safe from rust caused by the rain as well as any flimsy materials that threaten to blow away in strong winds.

It’s also perfect for animals that need protection from very high or very low temperatures and is a cost effective solution.

  • Gymnasium

If you’re thinking of setting up a gym or boxing ring but can’t find a space to do it in, a Quonset hut could be your best solution. They’re a cost effective way to set up a gym if you’re running on a tight budget.

  • Storage facility

Storing items of any kind is ideal in a Quonset hut due to the size and the fact that all your belongings will be protected from the weather. This is not your average outdoor shed!

  • Office or workshop

The same solution applies if you’re in need of some extra office space or somewhere to work with tools. The Quonset hut is easy to set up and will provide the protection against the elements you need. It’s particularly handy if you only need a temporary solution.

Benefits of using a Quonset hut

There are many benefits to using a Quonset hut including:

  • Affordability

One of the biggest benefits to a Quonset hut is that it’s a very affordable storage solution. Renting out a storage facility might seem like a cost effective option at first, but if you need it for the long term, those costs quickly add up. The Quonset hut is a one cost solution that’s built to last.

  • Quick to construct

There’s no need for weeks’ worth of construction for a Quonset hut. They were designed with speed and efficiency in mind, and this is still the case today.

  • Durable materials

Not only is this storage solution speedy to construct, but it is built to withstand all kinds of weathers. The steel ribs ensure that the hut is sturdy whilst providing ample protection.

There’s no end to the solutions that a Quonset hut provides – why not invest in one today?