General Motors is all set to adopt electrification on a large scale within the next 13 years. All of the sub-brands and name plates under the GM brand will be fully electrified. Along those lines, the legendary Camaro will also receive an electric makeover. Camaro’s sibling, the Corvette has already adopted hybrid and pure electric powertrains for its future generations.

The current-gen Camaro is already the best of its kind. Replacing its lasting legacy will be a humongous task for its EV successor. Based on the information available, the 2024 Camaro EV is a transition towards the future thanks to its exciting features and relentless electric power. In this article, we aim to disclose everything that we know so far about the rebirth of the Camaro in an EV body.

2024 Chevy Camaro EV: Performance Roots

GM revealed its plan for an all-new EV future when it unveiled its Ultium EV platform. During the presentation, the outline felt very close to the profile view of the current Camaro. And the Ultium platform will inevitably underpin every future EV under the GM brand. This platform is also very flexible, fitting to any vehicle size or style.

The Ultium platform should support 1 to 3 electric motors. On that note, we can expect the 2024 Camaro EV to honor its performance roots. Rumors suggest that Chevy could go down the old route of a classic rear-wheel-drive performance car with 600-900hp on tap or else it could try something new and can rip apart the streets with 1000 hp electric motors under its hood and an AWD drivetrain config. But looking at the brand new GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV which comes in multiple battery and motor configurations, it is still a question mark if the 2024 Camaro EV will take that same route.

How will the 2024 Camaro EV replace the current Camaro?

Ever since its revival, the Chevy Camaro has certainly not made the best of comebacks. Sales keep on plummeting every year, as demand for American muscle has died out among the Gen Z who prefer sleek and efficient sports cars over rumbling V8s. Camaro managed to sell only 30,000 units for 2020; a 40% decrease compared to the previous year.

Moreover, Chevy’s rival brand, Ford has completely redesigned the Mustang by transitioning it into an electric crossover. Dodge has also laid the foundation for the future Charger with its eMuscle EVs that are coming out in 2024. Both these rivals offer enough incentive for Chevy to get every aspect of the 2024 Camaro EV right on point.

The current Camaro generation is stylish and positioned low to the ground like a classic muscle car.  And we expect the Chevy Camaro EV to retain the classic styling cues, a 4-door body instead of a 2-door, more power onboard than its predecessor, light-weight carbon-fiber build, faster charging, and a better range than all the current Chevy EVs.

A final swansong for the gas-powered Camaro

The iconic muscle car segment was a rage during the 60s. Unfortunately, big, brute, muscular coupes have faded off in terms of sales at present owing to rising fuel expenses, with only hardcore car enthusiasts accounting for most of the sales. While electrification is certainly the inevitable future, hardcore car worshippers find it hard to accept the fact that the legendary gas-chugging muscle car will be replaced by silent electric motors and battery packs.

For the last ever gasoline-powered Camaro, we expect Chevy to plan something special for a fitting farewell. This could be a special farewell package or even better, a celebratory model with multiple trim levels to choose from. We don’t expect the final Camaro to differ much from the current Camaro in terms of powertrain and mechanical aspects. The main focus will be shaping the Camaro’s unique styling aspects so that it etches in the memories of Americans forever.

Truly end of an era

Two of the Detroit Big Three, Ford and Chrysler have already accepted the change while GM made the statement to electrify its lineup just recently. This truly signals the end of an era, as the automotive world says goodbye to the strident and macho muscle cars- including the Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, and now even the Chevy Camaro.

The EV product onslaught continues in other GM brands as well. Cadillac is planning for an all-electric image, with confirmed products like the Cadillac Escalade electric, Lyriq electric crossover, and Celestiq electric luxury sedan. The CT4 and CT5 sedans are waving goodbye even though they just made a fresh introduction in the market.

What lies ahead for other Chevy models?

The electrification of the old dog, the Camaro has certainly brought in a multitude of changes for other Chevy cars in the lineup as well. For starters, the Chevy Bolt EV is being replaced by a new crossover based on the Ultium platform. Chevy is also planning to discontinue the Chevy Spark, Trax, and Malibu. Chevy hasn’t provided a clear picture of when the replacements for these respective models will be introduced. All this news came into the picture alongside the same report that included the Camaro EV.


The demand for EV transition in the automotive industry has certainly impacted a lot of major automotive brands, including Chevrolet. We are witnessing an era where nostalgia is no longer a prerequisite for a successful car, only a gush of electrons will work. 2024 Camaro EV is just a small step towards a larger motive, an initiative that Chevrolet aims to fulfill by 2035. And it has laid the stepping stone for some huge changes and model retirements in other rival brands as well. We certainly await the official unveiling of the 2024 Chevrolet Camaro EV, and how it will redefine its glorious history in the new decade of electrification.