2022 has been an interesting year for crypto, to say the least, and, while some people have been panicking about the price of different currencies, a lot of people have been waiting on the sidelines for their moment to come in.

Dips are seen as a great thing by many investors in the crypto niche, and if you’re just getting in, you should be optimistic. Nothing is 100% certain with cryptocurrencies, but if previous price action is of any indication, all signs seem to point to a huge rally in 2023. Here are some of the currencies you should keep your eye on if you want to make money this year.


Ether prices have been at their lowest in a long time now, but it remains the most respected utility coins on the planet. So many projects run on Ethereum’s blockchain, including a wide portion of altcoins and NFTs, and this gives Ether intrinsic value. So, even if the prices for a crypto dip lower, you can always expect others to have a base value no matter what, at least for the near future.

Prices for Ether could very well explode if it becomes seen as a good store of value. The people at Ethereum also do a good job at improving their network, and protocols, and controlling the supply of coins. So if you’d like to invest, make sure that you keep your eye on Ethereum live price charts for any movement and be ready to make a move.

USD Coin

USD coin is another coin every investor should consider, but not for profits. USD coin is a stablecoin, meaning that its value is pegged to a more tangible and stable asset, in this case, the US dollar. But what makes the USD coin different is that every coin is backed with an actual dollar located in a US bank.

Stablecoins are there to ensure maximum liquidity on cryptocurrency exchanges as they often have barriers to trading fiat for crypto. But they don’t come with the same volatility as other cryptocurrencies. This makes them a very convenient option for people who want to trade fast and freely over crypto markets.


There have been tons of projects that have been presented as competition to Ethereum. And, while some of them fell short of expectations, Solana seems to be the closest one, at least based on what the community and users are saying. It is the most popular Ethereum alternative out there and is used for everything from minting NFTs to powering huge decentralized apps including games.

Another thing that sets Solana apart is that it’s much more eco-friendly than Ethereum, which is something that should not be overlooked, especially when we look at how trends are shaping up. So, make sure to consider adding at least some Solana in your portfolio as it could have a very impressive year.


All of these coins should be on your list as an investor in 2023. They offer great earning potential and some stability and are also well-viewed by the community.