Casinos have always been big business. This has been true since the maiden voyage of legalized gambling. It seems as soon as the first business was established, a casino was hot on its heels, giving people the opportunity to slam down their money and turn it into something bigger.

While much has changed in recent years with the advent of online casinos, the basics are still there. Casinos still exist for you to place a bet and see it pay off. Another time-old tradition in any casino, whether brick-and-mortar or online, is the casino bonus.

The idea is simple: sign up or get started with a new casino and they’ll give you a bonus to place your first bets. It works different in every establishment, but essentially, you’re rewarded for engaging. It might be that your initial deposit reaps rewards you can gamble with, often matched to the amount of the deposit, or you get the casino bonus for merely signing up. We see this often in horse betting establishments. This latter example doesn’t even require you to make a deposit in the casino. Simply sign up and claim your bonus to start gambling.

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If you’re looking to gamble in Canada, you don’t have to break your back researching each casino site, simply fire up and find the best casino bonuses in the country.