Remember how you were still finding your place in the world? You struggled, didn’t know where to turn, how to go about things and you felt like everything would just get harder. However, after persevering, you’ve finally found your own success and now want to help others do the same.

One of the best ways for you to help other succeed in their life is to have an apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship program is where you open a paid position to people who are willing to learn more about a specific industry through your tutelage. But there’s more to it than simply advising apprentices how to go about their career. In this article, we’ll be going over a few ways you can help out your apprentices.

Set a Good Example for Them

Those who take on apprentice to set a good example. You can help them by being positive in your comments, sharing ways to fight off stress and anxiety, provide inspiration, and make them want to do their best. Being thoughtful and empathetic when providing feedback is crucial when they are having difficulties. If you model the behavior that you want others to follow, they will be more likely to follow suit.

Become a Cosigner for Their Students

Alright, you might be thinking that this is a pretty drastic decision, but you’d be surprised at how it can benefit everyone in the long run. Some students might be in a rough spot or not have enough finances to cover the costs of their college education. However, this is where you come in; you can become the cosigner for their student loans. In some cases, students may actually require a cosigner as a form of extra security from the lender.

If you’re looking to help out your apprentices in every way possible, you may be asking do you need a cosigner for a student loan? In fact, it is a fantastic method. It also looks good on your reputation for future apprentices while simultaneously providing tax benefits. Cosigning a student loan for an apprentice can also give you the opportunity for loan forgiveness.

Encourage Your Apprentices Questions

One thing that you should always encourage your apprentices to do is to ask questions. Apprentices can learn more if they feel comfortable asking questions to subjects that confuses them. Make sure that you’re available when they want to get clarification on something. A great way to make sure your apprentices are comfortable asking questions is to let them know it was a good one. Before answering, you can consider saying something along the lines of “That’s an excellent question!” Doing this shows them that there’s no harm in being curious. After all, they are here to learn from you.

Set Your Expectations

First and foremost, be clear about your expectations of them. Let them know what they should be doing and how they should be going about their work. Setting expectations gives your apprentices structure and know which limits not to cross. Be strict, but gentle when establishing boundaries. If you’re too strict, it can potentially cause your apprentices to feel pressured, which can severely hinder their learning potential.