If you have a dog then you’ll probably already know that there is a TV show you can put on that your dog will happily relax to and other TV which will get them excited. A lot of this is to do with the noise of the show and the pace of what is on the screen, but it can also be to do with how you feel when you watch something. Dogs are really switched on to our emotions and as such, if you feel something when watching a certain TV show or listening to certain music then they’ll react to this.

Playing Music

Betway recently looked into different music and TV choices to see how dogs reacted when certain genres were played. What they found is that slower-paced genres such as classical music and/or folk can help a pooch to feel more relaxed. For this reason, many people are turning to playing music like this when they leave the house and have to leave their dog at home.

Watching TV

Betway looked behind music genres and what dogs like and also looked at various TV programmes and how dogs responded. They found that dogs reacted differently to different TV shows. For example, when putting on an episode of Bridgerton dogs would relax and pay attention to what was happening for around 37 minutes, whereas other programs such as Pup Academy did not encourage pups to feel relaxed.

Keeping Dogs Happy

It’s not an unknown situation for dog owners to need to leave their dogs at home for periods. Sadly sometimes this does not sit well with our four-legged friends who can find themselves anxious and disturbed by their owner’s absence. Sometimes this results in barking or whimpering, other times the results can be more destructive. These situations tend to result in annoying furniture or possession damage from chewing. If you turn to Alexa for help minding your dogs while you are out, Alexa will provide you with dog-calming music on tap. The music offered tends to be a classical playlist; this choice aligns with Betways findings and provides a convenient way of bringing calming music into your home specifically for your dogs. Used carefully in combination with sensible preparation, this classical selection can dramatically reduce the anxiety your dog may feel in your absence.

Why Dogs Care

Dogs love their owners and they feed off of how their owners are feeling. The Doggy Relaxation Experiment showed that feel-good shows like Bridgerton and Friends were the ones that helped dogs relax the most. Although there could be different theories as to why this is the case, the fact that the people watching the show will generally feel good while the show is on will certainly help. Knowing that their owner is happy and feels safe is the best way to encourage a dog to relax and feel great; because they know that they no longer need to be on alert for protecting their owners and instead can chill, matching like for like in how their owner feels.