The main essence of being an active player in the crypto market is to make a profit. However, it doesn’t come easy by merely flipping crypto assets. There are a lot of steps to take before finally deciding what to buy or sell. These steps are what differentiate top market players from newbies. It also determines your possibility of gaining from the market.

One of these steps is researching potential cryptocurrencies that can improve your portfolio and keeping a close watch on them. This article brings you three of these cryptocurrencies, and you’re advised to carefully monitor them and carry out necessary due diligence before adding them to your portfolio. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Monero (XMR), and Waves (WAVES) are the altcoins, and we look into them below.

Big Eyes Coin- The Meme Token To Watch For

Crypto enthusiasts conversant with cryptocurrency news will agree that Big Eyes Coin is one of the buzzing cryptocurrencies in the crypto space. The new meme coin is fast gaining adoption and attracting interest from crypto enthusiasts due to its predicted great rally months from now. Big Eyes Coin could follow the steps of popular dog-theme tokens Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) to be among the high-rewarding crypto assets in the crypto market’s history.


The cat-theme token has what it takes to achieve this feat, particularly its utility and uniqueness. Big Eyes Coin will enable users to make the most of the DeFi space by facilitating increased wealth generation in the sector, making it more beneficial. It will feature NFTs collections which will serve as great assets for holders. The NFTs will increase in value, and it could be another source of gaining huge returns for users. Big Eyes Coin NFT holders will have access to exclusive NFT-related events and content and other special NFTs benefits on the platform.

The crypto project will concern itself with protecting the world’s ecosystem by setting aside funds for charity organizations involved in ocean protection and the preservation of aquatic life. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is in its 7th presale phase, and it’s gradually preparing to launch on exchanges. It’s not too late to join the meme coin’s presale and benefit from its anticipated boom.


What’s more, if you use code BCUTE748 at checkout, you can expect to receive a BIG token bonus. How exciting!

Monero Takes Crypto Security To New Heights

Monero runs on a non-transparent (Opaque) blockchain, concealing important blockchain transaction details like the sender’s and receiver’s address and transaction amount. The privacy-focused blockchain aims to conceal users’ identity and transaction information, making everything anonymous.


Monero is fast-gaining prominence and adoption due to its anonymity feature, which many enthusiasts find appealing. Top market players have argued that anonymity ensures decentralization in its true sense, making many of them endorse Monero. The anonymous blockchain achieves anonymity by using ring signature technology which enables it to create a one-time address that makes transactions hard to trace.



Transactions on Monero can’t be audited, reviewed, or traced, which has helped it gain more adoption and popularity among users. It is worth over $2 billion in market capitalization and had an impressive bull run in 2021. Monero (XMR) has experienced a price dump in the past month but is billed to recover when the market stabilizes.

Waves Makes A Splash With dApp Developers

Analysts strongly believe that Waves holders could wave crypto loss goodbye in the coming as the ERC-20 could experience a surprising price pump. The crypto asset had an impressive first quarter in the previous year, and it has what it takes to repeat the same feat, making it a crypto asset to consider for your portfolio.


It is the utility token on Waves (WAVES), a blockchain platform for dApp developers that supports smart contract execution and tokenization. The crypto asset yielded high returns for holders in the previous year, and its current low price is another opportunity to enjoy good returns when it rises a few months from now.


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