The bear market has hit the crypto space incredibly hard. When the crypto market started out, it faced a lot of doubt and naysayers. With time, however, it was able to convince many people that it was a worthy and even profitable venture. The crypto market surpassed every hopeful and negative prediction made by so-called analysts. Constantly thriving, the crypto market soon proved itself a worthy venture for even the most critical and conservative investor. Since the early days of the first cryptocurrency, it is now considered one of the biggest financial markets in the world.

Just like every other crypto market, the crypto space has been in the throes of a crippling bear market. The crypto winter has swept the crypto market and affected the value of the coins. Investors who are not strangers to the crypto sphere must be used to the market’s volatility. The market is currently experiencing a drop in value, but there is no doubt that it will recover and offer huge profits to its investors when things settle. While the crypto winter might be hurting the value of coins right now, it is only for a little while longer. Many investors are already preparing for the next bull market by researching the most valuable coins right now. Chainlink (LINK) and Cryptoons (CTOON) are two coins that should top every search list.

CHAINLINK (LINK): Linking Platforms Together

As a decentralized oracle platform, Chainlink (LINK) has become one of the most important networks in the crypto market. The crypto asset links blockchains with off-chain data, which has become a critical aspect of the crypto ecosystem. The importance of Chainlink (LINK) cannot be overstated because blockchain networks cannot connect directly with the outside world. The blockchains are created to maintain security because there is a ceiling to the amount of data they can accept and use. Understanding the importance of knowledge, the developers of Chainlink (LINK) provide a solution to the limited amount of data. The Chainlink (LINK) platform provides a link between the blockchain network and the outside world. By playing such an important role, there is no doubt that Chainlink (LINK) will become even more important to the crypto sphere as time goes on. As the crypto world evolves and more companies include blockchain technology within themselves, the Chainlink (LINK) platform grows in importance.

SWIFT, a major player in the worldwide payment sector, will be working with the Chainlink (LINK) platform. By making use of Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), SWIFT will be able to liase with as many blockchains as possible. This partnership is just the start of many great things for the platform. With more companies paying attention to the platform, there is no telling what great things it will do in the future. The success of Chainlink (LINK) is directly linked to the success of the crypto world in general. As blockchain technology is on its way to success, many experts agree that there is no need to fret about the coin.

CRYPTOONS ($CTOON): Improving Blockchain Technology


Cryptoons (CTOON) is one of the few coins that utilizes blockchain technology to the best of its ability. The crypto asset provides a safe haven for the manga, comics, and webtoon lovers. Unlike other crypto projects, Cryptoons (CTOON) is designed to care for its users, and this reflects the level of thought and dedication placed on the coin. The Cryptoons (CTOON) blockchain provides a community that connects lovers of manga and comics together. The platform also affords artists and creators the opportunity to protect their stories. The platform offers a one-of-a-kind connection between artists and their audiences.

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