Every cryptocurrency available in the markets is there to be sold and not sit idle. This can only be achieved through finding buyers and selling a huge number of coins for other buyers to be attracted to a project. While this isn’t easy, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Stellar (XLM), and Toncoin (TON) plan on doing this through the help of their great utility and wide range of benefits that gains buyers’ trust and makes them achieve their targets.

Easing Access To Financial Organizations – Stellar (XLM)

Most users have to go through the hassle of accessing different financial organizations independently. Stellar (XLM) provides a solution as it brings all financial systems and organizations under one network, making access easier for the user. These financial organizations can be anyone from banks to payment processors or crypto exchanges. Stellar’s (XLM), a cross-chain system, also allows for the transfer of digital assets on multiple blockchains through its interoperable feature. This decentralized peer-to-peer network also allows for the creation of a digital representation of any form of fiat currency. Lastly, the XLM token allows users to send money or pay for its transaction fees on its decentralized exchange, which also provides a marketplace where digital assets can be traded.


What Makes Toncoin (TON) Great?

Toncoin (TON) is a blockchain project that works on improving the status of transactions. The messaging app Telegram initially launched the project but was later acquired by the TON foundation. It also uses the proof of stake system, making it better and more efficient than proof of work projects. Moreover, TON lets users create DApps and use third-party apps, including access to decentralized storage and various other blockchain services. The native token is created to pay transaction fees and validate transactions on the network. It also introduces Sharding which eliminates the accumulation of unverified blocks on its blockchain, maximizing the platform’s speed. The project has a max supply of 5 billion tokens, out of which 1.2 billion tokens are in circulation and has an all-time high of $5.84.

How Successful Has Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Become?

Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme coin completely governed and operated by its community. Alongside being a meme coin, it works as a DeFi token and represents itself with a cat theme. The project declares itself rug pull-free by being verified by Coin Sniper and plans to gather the community’s trust by providing great benefits. These include an NFT club and an NFT collection with a liquidity pool to help maintain and regulate a trouble-free token supply on the network. It plans to launch on Uniswap right after its presale ends and will later introduce its exchange to facilitate the sale of the token. Out of its 200 billion token supply, BIG will sell 70% in its presale while 20% will be given to exchanges, the remaining to be used in its promotion and charity.

How To Buy Big Eyes Coin (BIG) From Its Presale?

Big Eyes Coin (Big) is currently available in stage 6 of presale and has raised $9 million. Users can get hold of 3589.74 tokens for $1 by visiting the project website. Next, connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet account on the presale page and enter the number of tokens you will buy. Lastly, pay for the selected amount and wait until the presale’s end to receive your tokens. After offering such a variety of benefits and easing the use of blockchain technology, these crypto projects seem to achieve their targets of being sold in great numbers, which have made them raise a considerable amount of money, such as in the case of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and gain buyers’ trust.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL