We live in a volatile geo-political environment. Still reeling from the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, ultra-nationalist Bolsonaro supporters storming Brazil’s democratically elected congress, and Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. The direct implications of such developments on local people are self-evidently catastrophic, but it is also important to remember the fiscal dimension of socio-economic change on an international scale.

Gold prices have tumbled, oil and gas values have soared. Stocks and shares have fluctuated as companies have (quite rightly) reformed their approaches to hostile nations and the United States’ National Reserve has taken steps to prevent the potentially catastrophic collapse of the dollar. Contrary to popular expectation, market analysts have turned to cryptocurrencies to bridge conspicuous apertures in the accounts of those governments and businesses needing to trade across international borders.

Cryptocurrencies And Ethical Trading

It is interesting to reflect that in a recent Tweet in which he tagged meme currency enthusiast, Elon Musk, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, invited Dogecoin (DOGE) donations to support his country’s resistance efforts. Of course, he also accepted other payment methods, determined to raise as much capital as possible to purchase armaments and train ground troops at this critical time, but his preference for cryptocurrency is an incredible endorsement for fiscal reform.

In the understandably approachable lexis of a high-profile politician and economist engaged with the needs and sentiments of a modern, liberal democracy, he announced to his followers that ‘@dogecoin exceeded Russian ruble in value’, and that, ‘now even meme can support our army and save lives from our invaders’. The message, it seems, was less to big business than to any individual with a crypto wallet. ‘Doge owners of the world, @elonmusk, @BillyM2k,’ he continued, ‘let’s do it’.

There is a sense that the Putin administration’s interference is more likely in the commodities market for natural gas, say, than in a cryptographic token such as Dogecoin (DOGE). Quite perceptibly, cryptocurrencies – and so-called ‘meme currencies’, more particularly – have assumed the associations with stability and neutrality commentators traditionally appended to raw and processed materials.

The more prominent role of cryptocurrencies in civic life is at once a catalyst for and a symptom of a more politically conscious electorate, re-energised by the undeniable sense of community and belonging social media provides. To say that it empowers people, that it brings otherwise demobilised individuals together in pursuit of common objectives, would by no means denote an exaggeration.

Changing Cultures, New Definitions Of Value

Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to increase in value. Such has been the scale of its growth that a number of competitors have emerged, seeking to emulate its growth. The ease with which these have been established has elicited scepticism, as well as unfavourable comparisons with ‘pump and dump’ schemes destined for bankruptcy, and understandably so. Fear of the new, the untried, the unfamiliar, is an age-old problem in our society, and there is always a tendency to assume the worst. The reality, however, is that the mechanisms for founding experimental assets has been democratised with the advent of new technologies and platforms, including crypto wallets, as has those for trading them.

The ease with which clients can buy and sell these currencies has rendered them unstoppable forces for change in the financial sector. Power is no longer concentrated in the hands of experienced brokers and traders but rather decentralised and distributed to the general population. People like Vladimir Putin no longer have such clear-cut sources of influence. As Shiba Inu (SHIB) skyrockets in value we must question our commodity- and currency-centric notions of ‘investment opportunities’, ‘secure investments’, and ‘the economy’, and take the plunge into a potentially lucrative unknown.

Seizing Our Piece Of The Next Big Thing

With Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) tokens now highly valuable, it would be fair to describe them as good purchases. More exciting, though, is the newcomer on the crypto block, set to inject a certain feline refinement into a meme currency market increasingly saturated by dog mascots: that is, Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Community sits at the heart of everything this kawaii-cat-oriented currency does and they are keen to encourage cat lovers, anime enthusiasts, and avid video gamers from all walks of life to get behind their pre-launch campaign and call in the reign of institutionalised finance.

‘No Dogs, No Masters’ is the self-professed Big Eyes ethos. And with 80% of coins available to the community from opening day, it seems they are committed to following through on their promises. Over £17 million has been raised before the tokens have even gone to sale, and this number will only go up, so get in now and use code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 for a 200% bonus on your investment.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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