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2023 has arrived, and we can’t wait for amazing things to happen already. Although it hasn’t been pleasing in the past years, our instincts are leaning towards the new movie adaptations of video games. In 1993, the Super Mario Bros. movie became a superhit, but the downfall of video game movies has been evident all throughout the years. But there’s always a bright morning after a dark night. Hollywood has started taking things seriously and promised to release some amazing movie adaptions of video games this year. They have finally “understood it” through casino wins and betting odds, for which bigwinwall.com has played a major role in spreading the word. We can already see that movies like “Detective Pikachu” and “Werewolves Within” haven’t disappointed much and still have hope for success in the genre. Now, let’s talk about the top 5 video game movies releasing in theaters and online streaming services in 2023:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A popular board game, but even more popular for being an inspiration for many fantasy RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons has been converted into countless video games. The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie depicts a rich world and the lively enthusiasm of the popular roleplaying game in an action-packed plot. The antagonist is rumored to be a studious demon blade, which is the inspiration for the headcrabs in Half-Life, which is a nifty twist to the gaming genre.

  1. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie is something we cannot stop talking about, even after three decades. And we expect the rendition of this movie, which will be released this year, to live up to the hype. Chris Pratt, a member of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, will be giving his voice to the Mario character. In this movie, Seth Rogen will be playing the role of Donkey Kong, Keegan Michael Key will be playing the role of Toad, Keegan Taylor-Joy will be acting as Princess Peach, Jack Black will be acting as Bowser, and Charlie Day will be acting as Luigi. Charles Martinet, who has been the OG of Mario’s voice for its games, might be performing several cameos during the movie.

  1. Borderlands

Were you expecting a sci-fi action-comedy movie for a long time? Well, here it is. Borderlands is believed to be the big hit this year. The movie is scripted by the well-known horror master Eli Roth, which is an inspiration from the Gearbox’s exclusive shooter. 2015 was the year when the directors announced the movie’s production, announcing the cast of Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jack Black. In 2021, they finally finished the production of the movie, followed by the testing of the audience with a preview in November 2022. The release date is yet to be revealed, but we are positive about its release in the middle of 2023.

  1. BioShock

This year, it is going to be a double blast. The third BioShock game and its film adaptation will be released shortly. Initially, Gore Verbinski decided to direct this video game movie. People were excited as he did incredibly well in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. He stepped down later, on August 24, as he had concerns over the budget and the idea of shooting some scenes of the movie in foreign countries. Then, by the end of 2010, the production of the BioShock movie had completely stopped. But the ending wasn’t meant to be like that. In 2022, the director of the movie announced its original version on Netflix. We can expect the release later this year.

  1. Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good & Evil” is a popular video game series, which depicts the actions of a masked martial artist and a fearless reporter named Jade in its movie adaptation. Jade is on the side of the rebels as they fight to reveal a cosmic plot. Rob Letterman, who is best known for his latest projects on Goosebumps, Detective Pikachu, and Gulliver’s Travels, will be directing the Beyond Good & Evil movie, which will be released on Netflix soon. It is widely known that Rob Letterman comes from an experience in animation. Even his live-action productions mainly depend on CG to give life to the characters.

To Conclude

You’ll notice that there are a lot of amazing movies based on video games in the pipeline that we can’t wait to watch. Despite our excitement, we still have to take things easy, as video game-based movies haven’t exactly lived up to our expectations. It’s now just a matter of time whether they win over our hearts or not.