Another day, another big win in the crypto presale game for a daring meme coin project Big Eyes Coin. When this project was first announced, quite a few skeptics anticipated the quick fall from mount Olympus. Fast forward to the present moment, and this project has proven that the sky’s the limit if one has a loyal community, a fantastic value proposition and, most importantly, an anime-inspired cat, mascot of the Big Eyes Coin project. A handful of crypto startups achieved such fame in a relatively short period, and with Big Eyes Coin, it’s wise to anticipate even more surprises and exciting news any time now. In today’s editorial, we will see why this project enjoys such overwhelming popularity and if Stellar and Cosmos have what it takes to shine brighter than a supernova.

Big Eyes Coin: Watch The Throne

If you were looking for a project to boost your crypto portfolio, then my friend, you stumbled upon the perfect article. Although it is a meme token at its core, Big Eyes Coin offers much more than just levity and jokes around the clock. The project pledges to deliver combined DeFi and NFT services, where everyone involved will be satisfied. For those who want to flip NFTs, there will be a special tax where the OG holder gets 4% with each subsequent sale. But on top of that, if you are a lucky holder of the project’s native token BIG, 5% from an NFT sale will be distributed among all token holders. This means that if you have enough tokens, you could earn a passive income simply by HODLing too BIG tokens.


Cosmos: Open Internet Web 3.0

Cosmos is the very definition of the Internet of blockchain. This is a Layer 0 project that aims to deliver an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services built for a decentralized future for everyone to enjoy. In order to engage with Cosmos apps and services, one has to connect using what is known as IBC, the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol. This unique innovation allows users to freely exchange assets and data across sovereign, decentralized blockchains! However, this project has other strong sides, as Cosmos blockchain leaves no carbon footprint, which is scarce for blockchain technology. Check this project out, as many believe layer 0 is the next big thing in crypto.

Stellar: To The Moon And Back

Stellar refers to a decentralized protocol that utilizes open-source code to transfer digital currency to fiat money domestically and internationally. This blockchain’s cryptocurrency is called the lumen, and it is a token that uses the ticker XLM. Since its official launch in 2014, the Stellar network has managed to process billions of transactions, established closed relationships with major corporations, and become a popular cryptocurrency asset for many crypto enthusiasts. Similar to Cosmos, Stellar is designed to enhance the world’s financial systems by providing a unified and holistic network for everyone to work together. This token should be on your radar if you are into technology innovation.

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