The revolutionary meme coin Dogetti (DETI) has already been making a name in just a month since the presale began. Coming extremely close to meeting its stage 1 goal of $500,000, it won’t be long before it moves on. Once stage 2 begins, the current price of $0.00007 will increase. This is the cheapest the token will ever be and early investors have taken full advantage of that, but there’s still a limited amount of time left to get involved! Here is why you should buy Dogetti while you still can as well as two other top presales for exciting crypto projects you should buy while you still can!

The D in Dogetti is For Family

With everything Dogetti (DETI) represents, it’s no wonder the project has been so successful in such a short amount of time. As outlined on the whitepaper, the team whats to create a coin that changes meme coins forever, sending Dogetti all the way to the top. Creating a coin that shifts wealth in the ecosystem and establishes a sense of belonging for its community by giving them complete control and ownership is an admirable goal as it creates a direct relationship beyond profitability. When the community personally contributes to the development of a project beyond buying and selling, it incentivises them more to make it a success. The community behind Dogetti is one big family! Another thing amazing about Dogetti is its redistribution system. By using a reflection protocol on the Ethereum Network (ETH), 6% of the overall token supply is sent back out into the project and the community, with 2% of that being extra tokens given out to holders simply because they’re holding. Dogetti is a project that wants to instil a true sense of importance in its “family members”, so if you would like to become one of them, buy now!

Focus On Fitness With FightOut

FightOut (FGHT) is one of the biggest presales of the year so far and for good reason! The platform is unique in the focus it has outside of the crypto market, bringing the crypto and fitness worlds together by allowing users to track their progress and incentivising them through coin rewards. It can be hard to stay motivated while on your fitness journey as you compare your progress to others, but FightOut wants to turn that competitiveness into a source of healthy competition that drives each other to keep going. Users will be able to earn the token in a variety of ways including through metaverse activities, meaning you’ll never get bored too. The presale will be ending on March 31st, so there are only a few weeks left to join the investors who have managed to raise over $5,000,000 for it!

Build The Best Crypto Game Using Metacade

There are more than a few games crypto enthusiasts can play right now where they can earn crypto while enjoying the gameplay, but very few of them give you the chance to be a direct contributor to those games. Metacade (MCADE) is all about community contribution! More than being just a platform for P2E games, investors have the opportunity to create their own games for others to play. Metacade is the first arcade in the metaverse, where players can earn the native token from a variety of games or earn it from having others play the games they design. Much like Dogetti, it wants the community to feel a sense of shared purpose while being rewarded. Stage 6 of the presale is almost over as well as your chance to win a $125,000 giveaway!


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