Many investors spend their money on cryptocurrencies to earn big and make a name for themselves on the crypto market. With an abundance of coins on the market to choose from and many being successful in their own right, investors are essentially spoilt for choice.

Depending on the type of investor someone is, many coins and crypto projects have different things to offer. From reliable blockchains to fun meme tokens, the market has a lot to offer. Whichever kind of investor you are, the market has something for everyone.

Some of the most promising and motivating platforms investors currently have their eyes on are Dogetti, Cosmos and Hedera. But, what exactly do these coins have to offer? Let’s take a closer look and see what makes them successful.

Join The Dogetti Hype!

The Dogetti coin is a meme coin, very much like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Still, in presale, the dog coin aims to build a strong and loyal community running through the platform. Inspired by many mafia-themed media including films and books, the Dogetti community will be known as ‘The Family’ which is an excellent drive to make sure investors feel as though they are investing in more than just another cryptocurrency.

The presale platform aims to increase their family’s overall net worth and network, helping each community member succeed and thrive on the crypto market. The coin is also working on developing a unique DogettiDAO and DogettiNFT, both of which will encourage members to be at the forefront of the crypto movement and control future actions of the ecosystem.

This coin wishes to thrive on the inclusivity of its platform, working together to create a monumental meme coin and allow each investor to earn BIG.

Solve Your Biggest Problems With Cosmos

Cosmos is a platform which aims to be the ultimate problem solver for its investors. It aims to tackle the hardest problems faced within the blockchain industry and offer a wonderful alternative to slow, unaffordable and unscalable proof-of-work protocols. This will be done by offering a strong ecosystem of many connected blockchains, making the infrastructure simple and very easy to use.

It will in the long-run resolve complex applications and allow users to have a smooth-sailing experience when using blockchains and other structures. It also aims to make all transactions more scalable and modernise these processes, unlike the ones used with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Create Powerful Decentralised Applications With Hedera

Hedera is a highly sustainable and reliable public network within the decentralised economy that allows anybody to create powerful and effective decentralised applications. The platform was designed in order to create a highly reliable and efficient system to prevent and hopefully eradicate issues previously faced by traditionally older blockchain-based platforms.

What makes Hedera different from the rest? Unlike many other similar platforms, it has brought a completely new type of distributed ledger technology to the table. It uses a new consensus algorithm called ‘hashgraph’ and intends to process and present transactions quicker, cheaper and more efficiently.

Final Thoughts…

Many successful platforms on the market are making investors simply spoilt for choice. Want to be a successful investor within the cryptocurrency world? Check out the links below and kickstart your crypto success today!


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