The crypto market is always crawling with exciting altcoins that many believe could be the cryptos to buy, and in this article, we will look at three coins that justify the excitement that surrounds them: the new meme coin crypto Dogetti (DETI) and the established duo of Cardano (ADA) and Polygon (MATIC).

Dogetti’s Don50 Promo Should Not Be Passed Up On

Dogetti has enjoyed a positive start to its presales having just entered Stage 2 which it will complete upon reaching $4m in sales. To help this along, Dogetti is offering a 50% bonus on purchased tokens through its promo code Don50, which literally is doubling its previous promo code. This is a lucrative opportunity for investors but also a time-limited one as the promo code is expiring soon.

Dogetti is one of the exciting altcoins that everyone should keep their eyes out for as a potential crypto to buy. This DeFi coin has entered the meme coin terrain with all the required hallmarks to thrive, building itself upon an edifice of a belief in its community resembling a close-knit family akin to a mafia group. This is reflected in how it structures its DETI ecosystem to elevate its members where possible.

For example, Dogetti has a 6% tax on its transactions. From this, 2% is redistributed to token holders meaning members obtain extra DETI tokens simply through holding tokens. A further 2% is allocated to the Dogetti charity wallet and members of Dogetti determine which charities will receive this donation. The final 2% is split between the liquidity and burning wallets. In addition, the DogettiDAO feature allows members of the DETI family to have a say on important matters concerning the development and direction of Dogetti.


Cardano Is Favoured For Its Sustainability And Scalability

Cardano suffered like many other cryptos in 2022 but 2023 has been a recovery of sorts. It’s trading in the green with its value shot up by over 10% in the previous seven days. Right now it’s trading at around $0.3613 with a market cap of just over $12bn according to CoinMarketCap.

Cardano is a highly-prized crypto asset that had a lot of activity on its blockchain and was ranked as the best top crypto protocol in 2022 by development activity. It is admired for how it has generated a sustainable mining process that allows it to greatly reduce its carbon footprint in an industry criticised for precisely the opposite. It uses 37,500 times less energy than Bitcoin (BTC) and has created a sustainable model for others to emulate. As altcoins go, they don’t get greener than Cardano.

Polygon Bounces Back During U.S Bank Crisis

Like many other major cryptos, Polygon was trading in the red recently as its price struggled with bearish pressures on the crypto market. However, the more recent Silicon Valley Bank saga has prompted something of a revival of trust in the crypto market and one of the recipients of that renewal of confidence has been Polygon. The highly-rated altcoin has watched its price begin to go up again and right now it sits in the CoinMarketCap with a market capitalisation of over $10.7bn.

Polygon has been revolutionary within the blockchain space with inventive solutions to scalability issues. Its Layer 2 platform simplifies the complexities of scalability and allows rapid transactions. As the first user-friendly Ethereum scaling platform, Polygon has created the pathway for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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