Any successful business is one that can manage to successfully convert new customers into paying customers. Being able to generate new leads and turn them into sales is a way to know you have mastered your marketing efforts. 

Should you feel your marketing efforts are lacking or you are not attaining the results you desire, follow this guide to help change that.

Seek help from the experts

When it comes to marketing measures, it is best to put out material that has come from skilled and experienced employees. If that isn’t you or you don’t have people in your team that are experts, it might be best to outsource the work or seek advice. 

For example, you might notice that your PPC campaigns are not performing how they once were. Due to marketing measures and trends changing rapidly, you might have fallen out of the loop and not stayed in tune with the PPC trends. Hence, working PPC experts can help boost the performance of your campaigns and ensure you attain plenty of clicks, which can convert into more sales. They can advise you on the best ways to manage your PPC campaigns to boost their results. 

Engage with new customers

When you notice a new customer following you, signs up for your newsletter, or interacts with your business in any way, engaging with them is a smart idea. Engaging with them can be as simple as asking if they need help with anything or querying what they desire from your business. 

Engaging with your customers will help you get to know them, understand what they want, and ensure you make them feel appreciated. 

Furthermore, you can easily engage with new customers online through social media. Engaging with social media followers is a great way to be active on your account and show people that you have time for them. You can be friendly or answer questions. Either way, the more you engage with customers on social media, the greater your presence will be, which is great for your marketing measures. The more present and active you are on social media, the greater your brand awareness can be. 

Follow up with customers who do not complete an order

You can maximize your leads by following up with customers that do not complete their orders. Whether that be in-store or online, if a customer doesn’t follow through with their order, it is a smart idea to ask why they didn’t check out and, therefore, encourage them to. 

They might have found an issue with the product or that it was too expensive. Either way, correcting their concern (by finding a brand new and undamaged product or giving them a discount) is a great way to encourage them to complete their order and find fulfillment in your business. 

You can easily convert unfinished orders into complete orders by following up and ensuring your customer has everything they need to feel happy with your business. 

Don’t be afraid to be different on social media

Social media is a great tool to use to boost your marketing efforts and results. It is a smart way to generate more leads, as customers can trust brands that make time and effort to engage with their customers. 

Although communicating through email is effective, it is much more convenient for customers to chat through social media messages or comments. 

Optimize your website and its pages

Your website is essential to get right when it comes to trying to generate more leads. If your website lacks optimization or SEO, it won’t perform well and it won’t convert as many customers into leads as you would like it to. 

If you generate traffic to your website and your website isn’t optimized or easy to use, it will deter customers. This isn’t the result you desire. Hence, it is best to optimize your web pages and ensure they are easy to navigate so that customers stay engaged and fulfill their orders. 

Host a contest

Any customer will latch onto a business that is offering a freebie or reward. Hosting a contest is a great way to reward customers without asking them to do too much. They do not necessarily need to be a long-term customer or require a loyalty card. All customers (existing and new) can be in with the chance of winning your contest prize. 

Hosting a contest through social media is likely going to provide the best results. It is easy for customers to share the post, which will market it to their friends (i.e. more potential customers) and enter. 

Don’t forget the other ways to promote your business

Although social media is a great way to market your business and generate leads, you shouldn’t only use one promotion tool. 

It will do your business wonders to generate leads from other places, such as LinkedIn, emails, website pages, and more. The more channels you use to promote your business, the more customers you will reach. 

When you notice one particular platform is gaining more leads than others, it is a smart idea to focus most of your effort there. However, do not allow the other platforms to fall behind or fall off, as you can still attain new customers and generate leads there. 

Utilize automation

Even if you enjoy creating and sharing your marketing material manually, it will take up a lot of your time. Using automation, you will still be involved with the creation of your marketing material. However, the sharing and scheduling will be taken care of with smart automation tools.

Once the content is created, you can upload and schedule the content to go live at any set time. This will allow you to get on with other tasks while marketing material can be shared and promoted in the background. The more you upload and schedule to a marketing automation tool, the more leads you will create. 

For example, only sharing one social media post a day will likely reach a similar audience. Whereas sharing multiple will help you reach people across the world by sharing content during different peak time-zone hours. Hence, the more you use an automation tool, the more marketing content you can put out into the world for maximum results. 

Start a blog

To enhance the results of your website and to boost its SEO, it will do your business wonders to start a blog. Uploading more to your website, through a blog, will help to increase SEO results, meaning more customers will be able to discover you online. 

Starting a blog does not require much expertise or effort. Blogging is a casual way to talk to customers and share content. You can write serious business posts or share chatty stories. The content you share will depend on your industry and branding. 

The more content you share on your blog, the more customers will notice your website. If you can share relatable and purposeful written content, it will attract customers and encourage them to click through to your product/service pages. New customers might discover your business through your blog. Hence, the marketing measure will help with generating more leads. 

Influencer collaborations

Using influencer collaborations, you can gain more customers by connecting with new audiences. For instance, working with an influencer involves you gifting them a product that they will promote to their followers. Their followers will trust and rely on their opinions and hence, be influenced to purchase the product. 

These collaborations work well in gaining attention from new customers that otherwise, may not have heard about your business. 

Some influencers will work with you on gifting in exchange for promotion. Others will require payment. If your business can afford to gift influencers or pay them for promotional content, go for it. It is a great way to gain attention from inspired and loyal customers that will trust your business as they will trust the influencer. 

Find new leads on social media pages

It is possible to scout new leads by finding them on social media. You can do this by searching social media sites with your product name. For example, searching ‘metal taps’ if you are a bathroom business might help you find people looking for new bathroom taps. 

Hence, you can engage with them and let them know you are available to fulfill their needs. Offering them a discount code might further encourage them to use your business for their metal tap needs. 

Using these tips, you will be able to successfully boost your marketing efforts and generate more leads. It is a smart idea to utilize multiple tips from this boost, as it will help you see the best results. Combining expert help with social media engagement, you will notice more results and generate more leads. Furthermore, adding on influencer collaborations and hosting a contest will attain even greater results. The more time and effort you put into your marketing efforts, the better your results will be.