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You can’t have failed to notice the fact that there is a cost of living crisis happening worldwide at the moment. The reasons behind this are many and varied, but the result is that people have less money to spend now, and prices are rising at the same time. This can lead to major issues when it comes to paying bills and even buying food. 

Whether you’re in an extreme circumstance or you just want some extra money because things are getting more expensive, there are a number of ways you can get that cash. However, if you don’t have any money to start with, a lot of the avenues that you might have gone down will be closed because they cost money to try. The good news is there are plenty of ways to make extra money without spending anything; read on to find out more. 

Find A Good Savings Account

It’s true you won’t make a fortune with a good savings account, but if you are saving money, why not put it somewhere that offers a good interest rate? It’s better than keeping it somewhere that doesn’t. 

Search around for an account that can give you a good return on your savings, and you might even find one that also offers a sign-up bonus, giving you some more money to add to your total. Remember to always read the fine print, though, as there might be some terms and conditions, such as how much you need to deposit each month, that you’ll need to abide by. 

Sell Things

Another great way to make some extra money without spending any money is to sell things. Not only will this bring you some cash, but it will give you a chance to declutter your home at the same time, which is always worthwhile; it’s good for your mental health. Go through all your closets, drawers, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and so on, and anything you no longer want, you can sell on an online auction site or through social media. 

You can also sell things you make, and although some of these will cost you money, others can be created for free. Feet pics sell well, for example, and some people pay a lot for them, and if you sell the photos yourself, you won’t have to pay a penny. 

Become A Freelancer

If you don’t want to sell products, why not sell services instead? If you become a freelancer, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, and you can choose any sector you have skills in. You might want to be a writer, a web designer, a life coach, or anything else that has value. As long as someone is willing to pay for it, you can start a freelance side hustle doing it. 

The great thing about freelancing is that you can choose your own hours and often your own rate of pay. Although you don’t get any benefits like employed people do, if you freelance as well as work a traditional job, you can make extra money that can really be of benefit, and you won’t be out of pocket.