The desire of every crypto trader is to protect their capital. As you’ve heard many times, capital is key. Without trading capital, it’s impossible to make any profits from price movement in the coin market. Rapid price action on the coin market can diminish your profits considerably. The best way to protect your capital is through smart trading activities. One of the smartest ways to trade is by choosing reliable crypto tokens to purchase.

There are thousands of tokens in the coin market, and it can be difficult to decide which is reliable. Sandbox, Algorand and Big Eyes are reliable crypto projects that can resist harsh price movements. Keep reading to learn why each of them would make a good purchase.


Sandbox is a relatively new crypto token that leverages innovative technology to offer users a unique experience. This decentralized ecosystem will allow users to sell, share and interact like in the real world. Sandbox is one of the crypto projects committed to changing our gaming ecosystem and our way of doing things.

Sandbox is one of the metaverse-based tokens that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are three main components of Sandbox – the VoxEdit, Sandbox marketplace, and Sandbox Game maker. The VoxEdit is where users will create and animate objects for the virtual world. The Sandbox marketplace allows users to sell their tangibles in this digital space. Finally, the game maker allows users to create 3D games for free. You don’t need any special knowledge to participate in Sandbox. The platform will handle everything for you.


Algorand is one of the crypto projects that exist as a blockchain and digital asset. This cryptocurrency is designed to be a payment processor. It will support the transfer of tokens from one entity or location to another. However, Algorand is more than a simple payment processor. This new project focuses on improving decentralization, speed and scalability. Its processes are designed to increase transaction speed and attain near-instant transaction finality.

Algorand’s blockchain can process about 1,000 transactions per second. It also relies on a mechanism known as proof-of-stake. Its native symbol (ALGO) will be distributed to those who contribute to the project. Algorand is also capable of hosting decentralized applications and scaling solutions.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes is one of the newest meme coins in the crypto market. Big Eyes’ developers have clearly outlined that their meme coin will stand out from other options in the meme sector. For a meme coin, plenty of effort has been put into this project. They have created a detailed roadmap for the token’s development. This plan is broken into five stages, and it states new changes that will be adopted to the platform. There will be several on-chain and off-chain events designed to promote the growth of the token. This cryptocurrency adopts a cat-themed approach that is unique and attractive.

This cryptocurrency is a community-based token. It will grow from strength to strength as more people become a part of its community. To encourage early participation, Big Eyes has had an interesting presale. This presale is currently in its 12th stage and has raised up to $31m. Big Eyes is a crypto project that is also concerned about the well-being of the world. That’s why they’ve donated 5% of the total token supply to Charity.

Big Eyes will have an NFT community called the NFT Sushi Crew. You’ll need BIG tokens to buy these NFTs. Within a short time, Big Eyes will be launched. This community wants to ensure that the community has a major say in the growth of the token. That’s why 80% of the total supply is released to users.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG):